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Charlotte’s Web

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Charlotte’s Web
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Charlotte’s Web

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  1. Charlotte’s Web

  2. Fern was a little girl who lived on a farm.

  3. One morning some piglets were born on the farm. One piglet was very small and Fern’s father did not think it was going to live.

  4. Fern rescued the piglet and took care of it. She fed it with a bottle and bathed it every day. She called the piglet Wilbur. He lived in a special pen in Fern’s yard.

  5. When Wilbur got too big, Fern’s father said it was time to sell Wilbur. Fern did not want to sell him. She sold him to her Uncle, Mr. Zuckerman.

  6. Wilbur made some friends at Zuckerman’s farm. He met a goose, a horse, some cows and some sheep.

  7. Wilbur met a rat named Templeton.

  8. Wilbur met a special friend named Charlotte. Charlotte was a spider.

  9. Wilbur and Charlotte realized that Mr. Zuckerman wanted to keep Wilbur and fatten him up so that he could eat Wilbur!

  10. Charlotte came up with a plan to keep Wilbur safe. She decided to play a trick on Mr. Zuckerman. She was going to make Mr. Zuckerman believe that Wilbur was a special pig that was much too unique to eat.

  11. Charlotte spun a web. In the web, she wrote the words “SOME PIG”. Mr. Zuckerman believed that Wilbur had made the web! Charlotte’s trick had worked.

  12. People came from all around to see Wilbur and the web that said “SOME PIG” . Wilbur was famous!

  13. Charlotte spun another web. It said “TERRIFIC”. Charlotte and Wilbur fooled Mr. Zuckerman again!

  14. In the fall, Charlotte spun a web and wrote “RADIANT”. Mr. Zuckerman was so proud of Wilbur that he decided to take him to the county fair.

  15. Wilbur wanted Charlotte to go with him but she wasn’t sure she could. Charlotte was going to lay her spider eggs and she needed to make an egg sac to hold her eggs.

  16. Charlotte decided to go with Wilbur to the fair. Templeton the rat went too.

  17. At the fair, Charlotte made her egg sac in the back of Wilbur’s pen. She also decided that she had to make a very special message in a web so that Wilbur would win a special prize and be safe forever.

  18. Templeton found a word for Charlotte to copy and weave into the web. She wrote “HUMBLE”.

  19. Wilbur won the prize and was safe forever. Mr. Zuckerman was ready to take him back to the farm.

  20. Charlotte was too tired from making so many webs to return to the farm. Wilbur was sad.

  21. Wilbur told Charlotte that he would take care of her egg sac. He took the egg sac back to the farm.

  22. All winter long, Wilbur took care of Charlotte’s egg sac. In the spring, the eggs hatched and out came 514 baby spiders. The wind carried all but three of them away.

  23. The three baby spiders stayed at the farm with Wilbur and became his good friends. Wilbur always remembered their mother, his good friend Charlotte.

  24. The End