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US Competitiveness PowerPoint Presentation
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US Competitiveness

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US Competitiveness
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US Competitiveness

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  1. US Competitiveness Who – Committee of National Academies of Science, Engineering What – Advise Congress about US competitiveness When – 2005 Where – US, international competition, national, state, local, and private policy How – collect expert views from industry and university leaders to offer blueprint to maintain, improve competitiveness Why – we’re declining in leading edge, wealth- creating fields in science and engineering

  2. Rising above the Gathering Storm • our workforce finds itself in direct competition for jobs with lower-wage workers around the globe, and • leading-edge scientific and engineering work is being accomplished in many parts of the world

  3. Rising above the Gathering Storm • What actions should federal policy makers take to enhance the science and technology enterprise so the United States can successfully compete in the global community of the 21st century? • What implementation strategy is needed?

  4. Rising above the Gathering Storm • We are worried about the future prosperity of the United States • Other nations have competitive advantages of low-wage structure • We must compete by • optimizing its knowledge-based resources, particularly in science and technology • sustaining the most fertile environment for new and revitalized industries and the wellpayingjobs they bring

  5. Rising above the Gathering Storm • two key challenges that are tightly coupled to scientific and engineering prowess: • creating high-quality jobs for Americans • responding to the nation’s need for clean, affordable, and reliable energy.

  6. Rising above the Gathering Storm • TEN THOUSAND TEACHERS, TEN MILLION MINDS • Increase America’s talent pool by vastly improving K-12 mathematics and science education. • Recruit ten thousand teachers, Educate ten million minds. • Strengthen two hundred fifty thousand teachers’ skills, Inspire students every day. • Enlarge the pipeline.

  7. Rising above the Gathering Storm • Recommendation B: Enhance long-term basic research improving the flow of new ideas • Increase the federal investment in long-term basic research, • Offer research grants to most outstanding early-career researchers • Create centralized research-infrastructure • Allocate research budgets to discretionary funding • Create Advanced Research Project Agency-Energy • Award Presidential Innovation Grant to promote scientific and engineering advances in the national interest.

  8. Rising above the Gathering Storm Recommendation C: attract the best and brightest students, scientists, and engineers from throughout the world. • Increase US citizens earning physical and life sciences, engineering, and mathematics bachelor’s degrees • Increase US citizens pursuing graduate study in areas of national need • Provide employer tax credit for employee continuing education • improve visa processing for international students and scholars • Institute a new skills-based, preferential immigration option.

  9. Rising above the Gathering Storm • Ensure US is the best place to create/innovate • Enhance intellectual-property protection • private research and development tax credit • tax incentives for United States-based innovation • Ensure ubiquitous broadband Internet access

  10. Rising above the Gathering Storm • Can we, will we rise above the storm? • Take a role in proving YES!