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Hockey Canada Initiation Program PowerPoint Presentation
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Hockey Canada Initiation Program

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Hockey Canada Initiation Program - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Hockey Canada Initiation Program
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  1. Hockey Canada Initiation Program Pierre Labrecque Hockey Canada / NOHA Master Messenger

  2. Registration Numbers – 2015-16 Registration – 5&6, 7&8, 9&10 year olds * HCR registration numbers in 2015-16 (Initiation to Juvenile) This 6 year age represents a substantial portion of our minor/ female hockey membership. 48.6 % of all youth hockey is in these 3 age categories.

  3. Recent USA Hockey Article

  4. Concerns with the current Minor Hockey Landscape: • Rising costs associated with hockey • 12 months a year - specialization • Self-regulated, self-governed and non-sanctioned spring hockey • The presumed need for matching helmets, gloves, pants, tracksuits, jackets, equipment bags, etc.

  5. Dangers of Early Sport Specialization Increased risk of overuse injuries in developing bodies Causes kids to burnout and quit sports altogether Decrease the overall athletic development Multi-sport participation can lead to better performance, less burnout, less social isolation, and a life long enjoyment of sport.

  6. Hockey Canada Motion: To accept the recommendation that the Initiation age group shall only use cross ice, or half ice for all game play effective the 2017-18 season. Full ice games shall not be permitted. Motion Unanimously Carried (January, 2017 – Hockey Canada Board for Directors)

  7. Hockey Canada ….IP promotional video

  8. Why the Initiation Program? The program serves as the gateway to all hockey skills!

  9. A Grassroots-up Approach • There is resistance to change within the hockey culture. Who needs to hear the message? • Parents • Coaches (parents) • Minor Hockey Associations (parents) • Leagues (parents)

  10. Initiation Program“Tool Kit of Resources” • Hockey Canada Web site • Hockey Canada Network APP • Additional research…articles and videos specific to Hockey • Related sport topics and their relevance to play • Testimonials

  11. No limitations on how to use …..“AGE APPROPRIATE” ice . . . Cross-ice hockey: 3 games 2 games and a skills area 2 games and a rest area

  12. The difference between . . . Half-ice hockey Cross-ice hockey

  13. Benefits of Cross Ice Hockey Age-appropriate programming means that skills, drills, and game play best meet the needs of players. Through a series of research projects, the analytics provide strong support for cross ice play.

  14. Hockey Alberta “IP on ice study”Smaller Ice Surfaces and Skating Development Four significant Trends • Average distance for the 5-6 year old players to reach top speed was 65 feet. • Player acceleration speed increased as the ice surface was reduced. • The average sprint speed achieved in practice is double that of the average game speed. • When the ice surface decreases, acceleration rates increase and the top speed comes down August 2016: Hockey Alberta, Powerscout Hockey and St. Albert Minor Hockey


  16. NOHA Cross-Ice Recommendation The Initiation age group shall only use cross ice, or half ice for all game play effective the 2017-18 season. Full ice games shall not be permitted.

  17. NOHA Cross-Ice Recommendation 5 on 5 Full Ice GamesVS Cross Ice 3 on 3 Games + Skill Zone • 1 hour game 3 X 12 minute periods • 12 minutes of ice time per player in the hour (15 players per team) • Players touch the puck for an average of 8 seconds • Approx. 20 minutes of active ice time • 1 hour of ice time playing 2 x 16 minute games of 3 on 3 (5 players per team) • 18 minutes of game time per player + 16 minutes of skill • Approx. 40 minutes of active ice time + 2X More Touches, Shots, Passes, and Etc. **Scenario based on 2 teams of 15 players (30 Total)**

  18. NOHA Cross-Ice Recommendation Cross-Ice and Half-Ice Setups 3 VS 3 3 VS 3 3 VS 3 4 VS 4 4 VS 4 3 VS 3 3 VS 3 4 VS 4 4 VS 4

  19. NOHA Game Cap Recommendation Initiation teams are only to play between 15 to 25 games throughout the course of the season. • 3 x 20 minute games at a Jamboree/Fun Day would be considered 3 games • 2 X 20 minute games from the earlier example would count as 2 games

  20. NOHA Full-Time Goaltender Recommendation That no Initiation team may have a full-time goaltender.

  21. NOHA Full-Time Goaltender Recommendation Suggestions: • Starting January 1st allow players to try the goalie position in practice on a rotating basis • Purchase 24 X 36 inch mini nets to be used in your station based practices and cross ice games • Mini nets allow for lots of shots in the station based practices!

  22. NOHA Coach to Player Ratio Motion Initiation teams must have at least one (1) Coach with Intro to Coach, Respect in Sport Activity Leader or Speak Out and meet the Criminal Record Check requirements of the NOHA Qualification for every eight (8) registered players. Initiation teams with a minimum of two (2) qualified Coaches may register on-ice volunteers, who will have Respect in Sport Activity Leader or Speak Out and meet the Criminal Record Check requirements of the NOHA. The Initiation Program recommends a ratio of 4:1 Instructor to Player.

  23. NOHA 4-Ounce Puck Recommendation All Initiation practices and games must use 4-Ounce Blue Pucks. A6-ounce puck for an 80-pound player feels more like 11-ounces.

  24. NOHA Standings Recommendation All Leagues/Minor Hockey Associations that have Initiation age group games shall not keep League Standings.

  25. NOHA Jamborees Recommendation All Initiation Tournaments shall be in the format of a Cross-Ice Jamborees (maximum 3 total). Maximize ice time, implement skills session, no scores.

  26. NOHA Jamborees Recommendation Jamboree/Fun Day Example: • Players play 3 X 20 minute games of cross ice 3 on 3 • Teams of 4 players allows for 44 minutes of ice time per child • Games and zones are scheduled based on abilities to allow every player a chance to succeed • Clock buzzes every 2 minutes to change players • Faceoff to start the game • No faceoffs after goals are scored • No keeping score • Schedule created so teams are only at the rink for half of the day

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