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Xelsion culture brief. First principle We seek to build long-term value in our clients, employees and Xelsion These aims are complementary and all decisions are subsidiary to them.

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First principleWe seek to build long-term value in our clients, employees and XelsionThese aims are complementary and all decisions are subsidiary to them

If you have a decision to take between two options, choose the option which creates the most long-term value; if need be at the expense of short-term gain

Creating and maintaining value in a complex environment of client needs and rapidly evolving technology requires talent

Our expectations valueHigh quality workOpenness and honestyFreedom and individual responsibilityRespect for ability as well as experienceEnough timeto do great work to think to learnto teachWell rewarded for our work

W e particularly value the following in our colleagues

W valuee particularly value the following in our colleagues


O valueffer help and support to clients and colleagues

Request ideas and input from others; taking note and acting on their contribution

Give out and take constructive criticism without causing or taking offense

Build a good working atmosphere with energy and enthusiasm

Involve all relevant colleagues in a piece of work when the opportunity arises

Contribute to company knowledge store

Talk positively about clients and colleagues



Listen valuefirst, then listen some more

Concise and articulate in speech and writing

Talk in person or on the phone to clients where possible

Adapt communication to the needs of the audience

Don’t say anything in email you wouldn’t want the world to read. If in doubt, don’t send it

Upfront if something has gone wrong, apologise if at fault, and focus on fixing it


Planning and organisation

Make time for planning value

Allocate realistic timescales for activities

Build in checkpoints, milestones and controls to monitor performance against objectives

Good timekeeping; diary management

Remain flexible, anticipate change and adopt agile methodologies

Planning and organisation

Commercial awareness

Understand the wider business significance of valueprojects

Be aware of key competitors without following blindly

Look out for opportunities to acquire new clients

Think how to grow existing clients

Make continuous efficiency improvements

Understand what needs to be done well now and what can be improved later

Monitor media margins and delivery rates

Commercial awareness

Analytical reasoning

Break down complex problems into component parts value

Understand root causes and strategic objectives to develop comprehensive solutions

Anticipate obstacles and think ahead to next steps

Draw appropriate conclusions from the information provided

Set up effective experiments, think through any issues which may arise, and have a plan for what to do with the resulting data

Analytical reasoning


Set and communicate the overall vision value

Establish the main tactical elements required to achieve the vision

Be brave enough to hire people better than yourself

Structured resource management

Consult and involve the team in decision-making

Lead by example

Make time for leadership by delegating

Constructively challenge the work of the team

Keep the team up to date and informed



Embrace continuous valueevolution

Try new techniques and technologies

Not afraid to make mistakes

Challenge traditional or established processes to make improvements

Identify opportunities in the market and suggests ways of exploiting them

Adopt lean start up philosophies such as minimum viable product



Build your networks with clients and suppliers on relevant social media sites

Develop credibility and gain trust from clients, suppliers, colleagues and partners

Give before you take

Keep abreast of latest news and developments in the industry

Attend conferences and training sessions

Promote Xelsion services and ideals

Always be recruiting


Relationship management

Demonstrate understanding of needs and anticipate them social media sites

Contribute value beyond the immediate commercial relationship

Be easy to reach and respond promptly

Address concerns calmly and truthfully

Follow issues through to resolution

Realise importance of relationship longevity over short term difficulties

Relationship management


Gain proficiency in core technical social media sitesrequirements

Take responsibility for personal and professional development

Set goals and objectives beyond what is expected

Think what knowledge and skills will be needed in the future and plan to achieve them

Remain current with developments in relevant fields

Always be learning and teaching

Become recognised as the expert on chosen topics by colleagues and partners


We try to hire well

We try to hire well… social media sites

Which person, if they told you they were leaving for a similar job at a peer company would you fight hard to keep at Xelsion?

Are these people valued highly and rewarded well

Are these people valued highly and rewarded well? similar job at a peer company would you fight hard to keep at Xelsion?

We measure people on the value they create

We measure people on the value they create whether they are in the office

Time-tracking is about calibrating the Xelsion business model and charging clients appropriately; it isn’t to keep an eye on how many hours you work

Honesty always no one should be surprised by your views or position

Honesty always information to benchmark rewardsNo one should be surprised by your views or position.

Treat Xelsion money as if it were your own and always act in the business’ best interest. There is no other expenses policy.

We’re not building to sell we’re building to make an environment where we want to work and can do great work

What s next

What’s next? environment where we want to work and can do great work

Acknowledgements to employees, clients, peers, trailblazers, bloggers and journalists for their ongoing contribution(Netflix and Mark Suster’s ‘Both Sides of the Table’ are particular influences)