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Round ?. Famous Fiascos. Question 1. This 1979 film about a disaster at a nuclear power plant hit theaters just 12 days before the partial meltdown at Three Mile Island. Question 2.

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Round ?

Famous Fiascos

question 1
Question 1

This 1979 film about a disaster at a nuclear power plant hit theaters just 12 days before the partial meltdown at Three Mile Island.

question 2
Question 2

Which comedian mocked his own embarrassing arrest at an adult movie theater by opening the 1991 MTV Video Music Awards with, "Heard any good jokes lately?"

question 3
Question 3

This Royal rushed red-faced on to the field in 1983 after an umpire's ruling (later reversed) made him the first baseball player in history to hit a "game-losing home run."

question 4
Question 4

Once so prone to meltdowns and scandals that no insurance company would cover him on set, a stretch in state prison and years of rehab have taken him from Less Than Zero to the world's greatest detective.

question 5
Question 5

David Letterman purportedly asked for movie royalties after this actor had a public meltdown while promoting his rap album in a complex hoax for a mockumentary film.

question 6
Question 6

Whose ear did Mike Tyson bite twice during a fight in 1997?

question 7
Question 7

This pop princess shaved her head after a California hairstylist refused to do the deed.

question 8
Question 8

This 1976 movie gave us disenchanted news anchor Howard Beale's famous cry, "I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take it anymore!"

question 9
Question 9

A flight attendant working for which airline swore at a passenger, grabbed a beer, and slid onto the tarmac via an emergency slide?

question 10
Question 10

What was Rod Blagojevich caught trying to auction off to the highest bidder during an FBI wiretap with the phrase, "I've got this thing and it's [expletive deleted] golden"?