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Nikola Rašović

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Home automation for 50 euros. Nikola Rašović. Home Automation. Idea to make system like Home Automation for 50 euros, I came up because before 3 months I was working on Home Automation system that cost up 7 ,0 00-8,000 euros.

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Nikola Rašović

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Home Automation

Idea to make system like Home Automation for 50 euros, I came up because before 3 months I was working on Home Automation system that cost up 7,000-8,000 euros.

And than my first goal was that to make this system much cheaper with many other interesting functions.First I have maked it for about 100 euros, then experimenting come to 50 euros.Yes, for 50 euros you can get complete home automation.


My goal was that, to make system like Home Automation avaliable to everyone.


HA functions

This is only some of functions of my invention “Home Automation”:

Connect windmills or solar panels

Support sensors, so if it rains it can easily programmed to close defined shutters

Have also small home weather station(it can measure from temperature, speed and direction of air to solar radiation)



Functional, usable and cheap


Access Control and Security of your Home


Access Control and Security of your Home

Also support IP cameras.You can integrate 7-8(how much do you want) IP or ordinary cameras and from remote location follow you home or apartment. Monitoring doors and windows fire, smoke, water.

Also it have access control(and now you can choose via PIN and RFID card or biometric devices(on fingerprint)).If some person enter your house or apartment it automatically send you via SMS and notification come out on Raske.




Raske is the web app which I have maked, it is very stable and adaptable to all platforms(mobile, fablet, tablet, laptop, PC).Idea is such, that you from your mobile phone can track everything in your house(from AC, IP cameras to tracking access control(who entered house or appartment)).


Sensors; Home weather station

Humidity; Temperature


8 channel relay board

Rasp Pi(Rev2) GPIO

air pressure, light levels, UV levels, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide and smoke level

PIR Sensor



Rasp Pi – 8 channel relay

Wiring some device with relay





Rasp Pi(Model:B)=> 40$

8 channel relay board=> 10$

Wires=> 4$

PIR Sensor=> 5$

59$ => 45 euros


held my first lecture at the age of 14, at the Faculty of

  • Technical Sciences in Serbia covering the topic “Bitcoin Mining”
  • member of LUGoNS
  • 17 year old developer from Podgorica
  • Employed at first position at Development team at Simes Engineering

Nikola Rašović