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Causes And Cures Of Morning Sickness In Pregnancy PowerPoint Presentation
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Causes And Cures Of Morning Sickness In Pregnancy

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Causes And Cures Of Morning Sickness In Pregnancy - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Visit to read causes and cures of morning sickness during pregnancy. Browse week by week pregnancy guide, parenting tips for raising children and baby boys and girls names with meaning for all origins.

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Morning Sickness






The toughest bit of the 1st trimester of pregnancy is morning sickness and any woman who has gone through or is going through it, knows the first signs usually develop during the month following the first missed menstrual period, when hormone levels increase. It may range from mild, occasional nausea to sever, continuous, debilitating nausea with bouts of vomiting.


Causes of Morning Sickness

Estrogen levels :-

Experts believe it is partly due to an increase in the circulating level of estrogen, a hormone. Estrogen levels may be 100 times higher during pregnancy, compared to levels found in a woman who is not pregnant. However, there is no evidence to show a difference in estrogen levels between pregnant women with nausea and/or vomiting and those without.


Causes of Morning Sickness

Progesterone levels :-

When a woman is pregnant her levels of progesterone, another hormone, also rise. High levels of progesterone relax the uterus (womb) muscles to prevent early childbirth. However, it may also relax the stomach and intestines, resulting in excess stomach acids and GERD (gastro esophageal reflux disease, or acid reflux).


Causes of Morning Sickness

Hypoglycemia :-

Low blood sugar, caused by the placenta draining energy from the mother's body. However, there are no studies to prove this.

Sense of smell :-

During pregnancy there may be an increase in sensitivity to odors, which may overstimulate normal nausea triggers.


Causes of Morning Sickness

Evolutionary survival adaptation :-

Some experts suggest that morning sickness may be an evolutionary adaptation which protects pregnant mothers and their babies from food poisoning - an evolved trait that protects the fetus against toxins ingested by the mother. If the woman with morning sickness does not feel like eating foods which may be potentially contaminated, such as poultry, eggs or meat, and prefers foods with a low contamination risk, such as rice, bread and crackers, the survival chances for her and her child are improved.


Cures of Morning Sickness

  • Getting plenty of rest is vital.
  • Fluid intake should be regular and in small amounts, rather than less often and in large amounts.
  • Consuming more meals per day, in smaller quantities may help
  • Avoid having an empty stomach
  • Medical treatment
  • Some women may need to be treated with intravenous fluids and anti-nausea medications in hospital.
  • Supplement ginger


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