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Building An Ecommerce Web Development Strategy PowerPoint Presentation
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Building An Ecommerce Web Development Strategy

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Building An Ecommerce Web Development Strategy
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Building An Ecommerce Web Development Strategy

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  1. Building An Ecommerce Web Development Strategy

  2. Introduction • Customers are increasingly turning towards smartphones and the internet for purchasing almost everything. The traditional brick and mortar store shopping is turning into a ‘click and order’ shopping. Now, as technology changes hands, it’s transforming into tap, swipe and order. Ecommerce is quickly turning into m-commerce.

  3. Ecommerce Web Development Strategy • Create user oriented experiences This is a tough one. Customers cannot touch and feel the products. It is difficult to convince them how good they are. This is where eye catching images and product descriptions come into picture. • Customer feedback As mentioned earlier, make sure you include space on your website for customer feedback, recommendations and testimonials. All these are crucial factors that impact buying decisions of your customers.

  4. Social Media Recommendations from friends work better than recommendations from strangers. If a customer buys your product and shares it on their social media profile as being good, you will definitely see a positive impact on your sales. • Mobile commerce If you aren’t thinking mobile yet, might as well close down business! Well, mobile is one of the most popular means of shopping these days. Four out of five people are shopping via smartphones these days.

  5. Create easy checkouts One of the most important aspects of an ecommerce business is the checkout process. The quicker it is the convenient it is for the customer. This helps improve customer experiences as well as improve sales. If the process is too long or complicated, it increases the changes of customers abandoning their shopping carts. To retain customers and urge them to buy more design a shopping cart that quickly does the job for you!

  6. Conclusion • Overall, ecommerce websites should include all the necessary features that are required from a customer as well as business perspective. You need to take care that you include all your requirements as per business demands and make it customer friendly too. • Ecommerce is a means of representing your business online. Make sure that you make the most of it. The way you design and develop your site can make or break a business.

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