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organic mulches

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organic mulches
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organic mulches

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  1. Organic Mulches

  2. One of the most important steps in mulching your beds is the prep work. The last thing you want is to go through all the effort and money to mulch your beds only to have it look bad because you have weeds and grass sticking out through your mulch. Also it will be a lot more difficult to weed your beds after the mulch is down. Organic Mulches It is important to know that organic mulches are temporary and will decay over time.

  3. Life Line of Organic Mulches The life of organic mulches are largely effected by the amount of sun exposure, rain and dew. Mulch doesn’t stop grass and weeds. If you want your mulch to look great for years to come you should put down landscape fabric under your mulch. This will stop weeds and grass from growing through your mulch. Its simple, all you have to do is lay this fabric down on your beds and apply the mulch over it.

  4. Get the most out of your Organic Mulch You need to lay down the proper thickness of mulch for your mulch ground cover to be effective. Generally, you'll need 3" to 4" of mulch to help retain moisture and retard weed growth, although a thinner layer is preferable directly under plants. To get the most out of your organic mulch, it is important to re-apply every year to two years.

  5. High Quality Mulch It is important to only use quality organic mulch. Mulches that are prone to bacteria and fungi can disrupt plant growth. When choosing mulch there are many things to conceder other than looks. Some mulches last longer than others. Some mulches have different texture and are made with different material. Mulch in general can be died to a color preference as well.

  6. Apply organic mulch properly Make sure to apply the organic mulch properly. Organic mulches can mat down. This sometimes works as a barrier that will block the water from the soil and dry out your soil and plants. You need to spread your mulch evenly. When applying mulch make sure you apply 3 to 4 inches. Mulch can blow away from wind and you need to lay down the proper thickness of mulch for this ground cover to be effective. Generally, you'll need 3" to 4" of mulch to help retain moisture and stop grass and weeds from growing through your mulch.

  7. Organic Mulch Home owners and landscapers have been using organic mulch for decades. Mulch is often referred to as the most essential part of a beautiful landscape. Not only does it beautify your landscape but it enriches your soil and works as weed control. Mulch makes the difference in your appearance. Mulch will make your landscape look great and help keep moisture in for your plants. Mulch also keeps your plants warm in the winter. There are many great things that mulch brings to your landscape!

  8. 1-800-MULCH-PRO To contact a mulch expert in your area please call 1-800-MULCH-PRO (1-800-685-2477) or visit us on the web at