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all you need to know about colored mulch l.
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all you need to know about colored mulch PowerPoint Presentation
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all you need to know about colored mulch

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all you need to know about colored mulch
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all you need to know about colored mulch

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  1. All You Need to Know About Colored Mulch

  2. Colored mulch really enhances the look of a home as the mulch brings new dimension of color to an outdoor landscape Mulch will improve the appearances of any landscape. Mulch brings everything together. Mulch also makes your plants stand out. Mulch will also define your entire landscape. Mulch can also cover up any imperfections. Bottom line, mulch makes your landscape Colored Mulch

  3. Colored Mulch The dye that is used to color the mulch prolongs the life of the mulch by offering UV-resistance. Mulch will work as a sponge. Because Mulch absorbs water your plants can pull from the mulch for a water resource on days it needs it because water doesn’t pass through mulch like it does plants. If you use mulch it doesn’t mean you don’t have to water it just means that the mulch will help conserve the water. Just another reason to use mulch!

  4. Colored Mulch Mulch is dyed using a coloring process and usually the mulch dye is safe for the environment, plants, dogs, and people. Mulch will help keep your plants warm in the winter. Mulch will help keep heat in and moisture down because Mulch covers all your plants. By using mulch in all your beds you can protect your plants from frost and snow. Applying mulch as a thicker layer works much better than mulch spread thin. So when you mulch you should apply the mulch at a 3 to 4 inch thickness for best mulching results.

  5. The colors of mulch include brown mulch, red mulch, black mulch, gold mulch, and much more! Colored Mulch When choosing mulch for your landscape you can use the mulch to protect your plants from wind. Mulch also helps with reducing soil erosion. Because mulch works as a shield. The rain does not wash away mulch like id does topsoil or potting soil. Just another reason to use Mulch as a top coating on your beds.

  6. Colored Mulch One should really take into consideration the color of their house or the business they are looking to mulch around to determine the right color of mulch for them. Mulch works to protect your plants from above ground diseases. Mulch works as a shield not allowing soil-borne inoculum from penetrating the soil. Mulch will keep your plants protected from heavy rain and debris as well. So you can see, there is more to mulch than cosmetics.

  7. Colored Mulch As with many other mulches, colored mulch needs to be replaced every season to every other season. Mulch makes the difference. Because mulch is so thick it blocks the sunlight. Mulch will block most of the sunlight in the beds making it difficult for weeds to get the sunlight it needs to grow. By applying mulch, you can improve the appearance of your landscape and mulch will also reduce ugly weeds form surfacing.

  8. 1-800-MULCH-PRO To contact a mulch expert in your area please call 1-800-MULCH-PRO (1-800-685-2477) or visit us on the web at