social technologies how your chapter can leverage social media n.
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Social Technologies How your chapter can leverage social media PowerPoint Presentation
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Social Technologies How your chapter can leverage social media

Social Technologies How your chapter can leverage social media

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Social Technologies How your chapter can leverage social media

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  1. Social TechnologiesHow your chapter can leverage social media Presented by: Ann Godsell, CEBS International Foundation Social Business Strategist Jennifer Mathe, GBA ISCEBS Manager Member Services

  2. Overview Please Interrupt! • Finding Your Fit, Fitting it In • Society/Foundation Social Tour • Ideas for Chapters

  3. Determine and Prioritize Goals • Attract new customers or members? • Spread the word about your programs? • Reach the media? • Retain existing customers? • Sharing information • Strengthening personal connections • Continuing the conversation

  4. Fitting Social Media In—Share the Love • Finding your fit • You don’t have to be on every platform • Don’t plant what you can’t water • Ask for Help! • Make it simple/uncomplicated • Set guidelines and structure, not to hold back but to not overwhelm

  5. LinkedIn • Individual accounts-maximize ISCEBS Chapter exposure by showing they are a member on their profile, whether following the company page or part of a group. • Company pages- view as an extra version of your web site - Set up a company profile - Post events in the products tab • Groups-create a group for chapter member interaction and to share chapter updates Society LinkedIn Company Page and GroupFoundation LinkedIn Company Page and Group

  6. Twitter RT @Name: This is the meat of the tweet #thisisahashtag Quick and easy way to communicate, connect, share and get shared. • Keep connected to media • Provides members and meeting attendees a way to share • A real-time view of what is happening. Society Twitter PageFoundation Twitter Page

  7. Facebook • Personal accounts-help you connect and interact in a more casual, personal way. • Business pages-help build fans of your business so you can build awareness of your brand. • Groups-connect groups of people for focused interaction • Events-set up events for members to connect to and share Society FacebookFoundation Facebook

  8. On the Radar… BlogFoundation to launch blog, Summer 2013 Pinterest Pinterest has become a social media giant with over 10 million users. The Foundation will launch a Pinterest account this spring. InstagramAlso growing rapidly in popularity. Some associations are using for conference photo sharing. Google+ Since Google owns it, posting content on Google+ increases search engine optimization. Worth keeping an eye on.

  9. Resources Follow us! – search for International Foundation and International Society in Companies Join our LinkedIn groups!Search for International Society and International Foundation in GroupsUseful LinksSocial Media Image Size Cheat SheetBest Practices in Social Media: A Resource Guide for AssociationsPinterestGrows Up & Goes Corporate With New Tools