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Enhanced Laptop Management PowerPoint Presentation
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Enhanced Laptop Management

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Enhanced Laptop Management - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Enhanced Laptop Management
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  1. Enhanced Laptop Management

  2. Introduction to Your Laptop Desktop Icons

  3. Introduction to Your Laptop System Tray Icons Battery/Plug Icon Safely Remove Hardware Icon Broadband Connection Icon Volume Icon

  4. Introduction to Your Laptop Task Manager

  5. Introduction to Your Laptop Task Manager

  6. Customize Your Laptop Change the Background Image 1 – Right-click on the Desktop 2 – Choose Properties 3 – Choose Desktop Tab 4 – Choose Background 5 – Click on Apply

  7. Customize Your Laptop Adjust Display Properties 1 – Right-click on the Desktop 2 – Choose Properties 3 – Choose Settings Tab 4 – Change Resolution 5 – Click on Apply

  8. Customize Your Laptop Arrange Desktop Icons 1 – Right-click on the Desktop 2 – Choose Arrange Icons By 3 – Choose Auto Arrange to neatly arrange Desktop icons

  9. Customize Your Laptop Work with the Recycle Bin 1 – Right-click on the Recycle Bin 2 – Choose Properties 3 – Uncheck Do not move files to the Recycle Bin

  10. Customize Your Laptop Create Desktop Shortcuts 1 – Right-click on the program you want to create a shortcut to (Microsoft Office Word) 2 – Choose Send To 3 – Choose Desktop(create shortcut) 4 – A shortcut icon will appear on the Desktop

  11. Customize Your Laptop Adjust Power Settings Power Schemes Tab Power Management takes effect only when the laptop is idle! If you are working on it, the time will reset. Power SchemesPower Schemes are preset settings for your laptop. “Plugged in” ColumnWhat your laptop will do when running on A/C power. “Running on batteries” ColumnWhat your laptop will do when running off the main battery.

  12. What is the Purpose of Proper File and Folder Organization? It is important to keep the files on your computer organized and up-to-date. Just as with paper files, the goal of computer file management is to ensure that you can find what you’re looking for, even if you’re looking for it years after its creation. Proper file organization starts with folder structure. Creating folders and sub or nested folders will allow you to neatly and logically organize your files.

  13. Creating Files and Folders • Create new folder for student organization • Nest individual student folders within group folder • Rename folders

  14. Creating a New Folder

  15. Nesting Folders

  16. Renaming Folders To rename a folder, simply right-click on the folder and choose Rename. Type in the new name and press Enter.

  17. Saving Files to Folders • Tips for effective file naming • Differences between Save and Save As • Creating a folder while saving a document

  18. Effective File Naming • Here are some basic tips to remember when naming files: • Give your files specific names that make sense. • weekly_reading_list • parent_permission_slip • Avoid using special characters in a file name. (\ / : * ? “ < > | [ ] & $ ,) • Use underscores instead of periods or spaces. • Try to limit file names to 25 characters or less. • Include version numbers for revisions.

  19. Differences Between Save and Save AS Clicking on Save will save a document. If you have already saved the document, clicking on Save will overwrite the original file. Clicking on Save As will allow you to save the document with a different name or to a different location. Clicking on Save As will NOT replace your file. It will keep the original file intact and save changes to a new file.

  20. Creating a Folder While Saving a File Create a file . Choose Save As when you are ready to save the file. In the Save As dialogue box, click on the Create New Folder icon in the top right corner. In the New Folder dialogue box, give the folder a name and click OK. The new folder will be created and it will be open for you to save the document in.

  21. Searching for Files and Folders • Common File Extensions • Perform a Basic Search • Advanced Search Options • Backing up Files to a Flash Drive

  22. Common File Extensions

  23. Perform a Search

  24. Backing Up Files to a Flash Drive

  25. Working with internet Explorer • Changing Default Home Page • Adding Favorites • Organizing Favorites • Creating Shortcuts on the Desktop • Downloading Files

  26. Changing Internet Explorer Home Page

  27. Adding Favorites

  28. Organizing Favorites

  29. Create Shortcuts to Websites on Desktop

  30. Downloading Files