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Alumni of the Month

Alumni of the Month

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Alumni of the Month

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  1. Alumni of the Month Janet Archibald

  2. What was your experience with AMS? • I joined ISU AMS right away in my freshman year. I then became Historian during my Sophomore year was then Secretary for my Junior year. I was then elected Vice President during my Senior year. I also ran the forecast contest from my Sophomore year through my Senior year. I tried to be as involved as possible and participated in many school talks and science fairs. I also went to the National AMS meetings during my Sophomore, Junior, and Senior years.

  3. What does your career entail? • I was employed at Telvent (now Schneider Electric) located in Burnsville, MN for 5 years. I went from being a Graphics Meteorologist to an Aviation Meteorologist. As a Graphics Meteorologist, I did a lot of analyses! Most of them were surface analyses, but we were also responsible for jet stream analyses. We also wrote a few small forecast summaries. As an Aviation Meteorologist, my main task was to write TAFs (Terminal Aerodrome Forecasts) for airports around the world. There were also many forecast discussions to write for airlines which would include forecasts of icing, turbulence, jet streams, etc

  4. Any advice for people interested in the private sector? • As far as advice for anyone interested in the private sector, the big thing that I don't think I was prepared for was the rotating shifts and/or shift work. I worked mostly overnights (10pm-6am) during my five years with Telvent and it really wore me out! It can also be very tough on your personal life. I will say though, that the private sector is a great way to get experience! We didn't learn much about aviation weather in my time at ISU so it was fun to learn something new during my time at Telvent.

  5. How should students use ISU AMS to get the most out of their college careers? • Use AMS to learn as much as possible! Use this wonderful group to learn about opportunities and topics that you may not get a chance to learn while at ISU. You can also meet a lot of great people through AMS that may be able to help you not only during you time in college, but also once you start looking for a job.