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CEIT 225 Instructional Design. Assoc. Prof. Dr. K ü r ş at Ç a ğı ltay http://www.metu.edu.tr/~kursat. Remember some basic concepts. Last week, what did we discuss?. They Create. Better Living Environments. Instructional Technologists Create. Better Learning Environments

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Ceit 225 instructional design

CEIT 225 Instructional Design

Assoc. Prof.Dr. Kürşat Çağıltay


Remember some basic concepts
Remember some basic concepts

  • Last week, what did we discuss?

They create
They Create

  • Better Living Environments

Instructional technologists create
Instructional Technologists Create

  • Better Learning Environments

    by Instructional Design

Instructional design id
Instructional Design (ID)?

  • The systematic process of translating principles of learning and instruction into plans for instructional materials and activities.

Instructional design id1
Instructional Design (ID)?

  • Process

  • Principles of learning (such as?)

  • Principles of instruction (such as?)

  • instructional materials and

  • activities


  • Instructional Designer & Engineer

    • Both plan work based upon successful principles.

    • Both design things that are functional, attractive, & appealing to user.

    • Both have established problem solving procedures to guide them.

    • Both write specifications or plans.

Purpose of id
Purpose of ID

  • All those experiences in which people learn.

  • Education

    • Teaching, math, science, language ....

  • Training

    • http://www.tbb-bes.org.tr/tbb/DesktopDefault.aspx?tabid=1&tabindex=0

    • http://www.goarmy.com/soldier-life/becoming-a-soldier/basic-combat-training.html

What is instruction
What is Instruction?

  • Delivery of information & activities that facilitate learners’ attainment of intended, specific learning goals.

  • Activities focused on learners learning specific things.

What is design
What is Design?

  • Implies a “systematic” planning process prior to the development of something.

  • Distinguished from other planning by

    • Level of precision

    • Care

    • Expertise employed

The id process
The ID Process

  • Another way of defining ID is to describe the process involved in the systematic planning of instruction.

  • At basic level, instructional designer’s job is to answer three major questions.

Three major questions
Three Major Questions

  • Where are we going? Objectives

  • How will we get there? Inst. Strategy

  • How will we know when we have arrived? Evaluation

Quick quiz1
Quick quiz

  • Write down 5 basic steps of instructional design

  • 5 mins

General id steps
General ID Steps

  • Different models exist for different instructional purposes; however, the process is summarized in five phases.

Known as addie
Known as ADDIE














A analysis
A = Analysis

  • In analysis stage of ID process, want to find out

    • Who are the learners or audience

      • Audience analysis

    • What is the goal or intended outcome

      • Goal analysis

D design
D = Design

  • Content of the course

    • Subject matter analysis

  • Steps of instruction

    • Lesson planning-writing objectives

  • Type of media or presentation mode

    • Media selection

D development
D = Development

  • Development of instruction

    • Generate lesson plans (different from lesson planning) and lesson materials.

    • Complete all media & materials for instruction, and supporting documents.

    • End result is a course or workshop ready for delivery.

I implementation
I = Implementation

  • The delivery of the instruction.

    • Purpose is effective & efficient delivery of instruction.

    • Promote students’ understanding of material & objectives, and ensure transfer of knowledge.

E evaluation
E = Evaluation

  • Two related evaluations going on simultaneously in most ID situations.

    • Formative Evaluation

    • Summative Evaluation

Formative evaluation
Formative Evaluation

  • Going on during & between ID steps.

  • Purpose is to improve instruction before completed instruction is delivered.

Summative evaluation
Summative Evaluation

  • Usually occurs after instruction completed & implemented.

  • How much & how well did students learn?

  • How well did course or workshop work?

    • Does it need modification before being presented again?

    • What needs changing? Content? Instruction? Media?


  • Creating instructions to draw a picture

Your task in this course
Your Task in this Course

  • Designing an Instruction for a company Microsoft

  • An instructional module to teach Internet Safety

    • A text material – about 4 pages, color print

    • A video – 3-5 minutes, stopmotion

    • All of them will be presented on udemy.com