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主講人 : 中央大學語言中心 劉詠華老師 April 30 th , 2010 PowerPoint Presentation
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主講人 : 中央大學語言中心 劉詠華老師 April 30 th , 2010

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主講人 : 中央大學語言中心 劉詠華老師 April 30 th , 2010 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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主講人 : 中央大學語言中心 劉詠華老師 April 30 th , 2010. Outline 1. 何謂 【 自學 】 2. 英語自學 Know-How -- Listening & Speaking -- Reading & Writing 3. 英語自學資源導覽 4. Q & A.

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outline 1 2 know how listening speaking reading writing 3 4 q a
Outline1.何謂【自學】2. 英語自學Know-How -- Listening & Speaking -- Reading & Writing3. 英語自學資源導覽4. Q & A

Self-paced Learning DefinitionIn self-paced learning, the content,learning sequence, pace of learning and possibly even the media are determined by the individual.


ListeningTwo basic processes: 1. Top-down processing Meaning  Language 2. Bottom-up processing Language Meaning


How to Practice Top-down Listening 1. Pre-listening a. Background knowledge b. Related vocabulary 2. While-listening 3. Post-listening

How to Practice Bottom-up Listening1. Sounds words sentences meaning2. Implications for learning: -- Meaningful chunks

Interesting Hotels (Touchstone 2, Unit 7 Going Away)Lisa When I arrived at my hotel in Cappadocia, in Turkey, I looked up at my room and thought, “Uh-oh. How am I going to get up there?” You actually stay in caves in the rocks, and you have to climb a ladder to get to your room.


Speaking1. Material: TV Series; Movies2. How to practice speaking: a. 3’s a Charm d. Role-playing b. Mimicking e. Retelling the story c. In other words


Intensive Reading

  • Texts: short and difficult
  • Aims: to learn vocabulary and grammar
  • to develop reading skills
  • Process: close guidance from the teacher
benefits of extensive reading
Benefits of Extensive Reading
  • Enhance vocabulary, grammar, and text structure
  • Increase knowledge of the world
  • Improve reading and writing skills
  • Develop a reading habit
  • Pleasure of reading
materials for extensive reading
Materials for Extensive Reading
  • What to read?
  • Choice: your own interest
  • Level: your current proficiency level
  • Quantity: large amounts
  • (50 pages a week)
  • Variety: different topics and genres
extensive reading proces s
Extensive Reading Process
  • How to read?
  • Read for general understanding
  • Focus on meaning, rather than on the language
  • Read rapidly
  • Compete only against yourself
  • No pressures of testing
suggested word level
Suggested Word-level
  • Basic: Readers 300-1000+
  • Intermediate: Readers 1200+
  • Advanced: Readers 1700+
  • Young Adult Literature
  • Bestsellers
a bouquet of flowers 1
When I graduated from college I took a job at an insurance company in this huge downtown office building. On my first day, I was escorted to this tiny cubicle surrounded by what seemed like thousands of other tiny cubicles, and put to work doing some meaningless thing…A Bouquet of Flowers (1)
a bouquet of flowers 2
It was so terribly depressing I almost broke down crying. At lunch, all I could think about was how much I wanted to quit, but I couldn’t because I desperately needed the money.

When I got back to my cubicle after lunch, there was a beautiful bouquet of flowers sitting on my desk.

For the whole first month I worked there, flowers just kept arriving on my desk. I found out later that it had been a kind of spontaneous office project. A woman in the cubicle next to me brought in the first flowers to try to cheer me up, and then other people just began replenishing my vase.

A Bouquet of Flowers (2)
a bouquet of flowers 3
I ended up working there for two years, and many of my best, longest-lasting friendships grew out of that experience.A Bouquet of Flowers (3)

Second Thoughts on Teaching Listening by Jack C. Richards

Touchstone 2, Cambridge University Press


Extensive Reading , Workshop given by Prof. Pi-feng Liu, Language Center, Central University