6 easy but important tips to find the right n.
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6 Easy But Important Tips To Find The Right Tenants For Your Property PowerPoint Presentation
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6 Easy But Important Tips To Find The Right Tenants For Your Property

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6 Easy But Important Tips To Find The Right Tenants For Your Property - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Are you looking for tenants for your property? Read this PDF to know some useful ideas about searching tenant. Moreover, explore how will tenant background check (http://bit.ly/2yKkMcz) will be additional assistance for property holders.

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how to find the right tenant for your rental

How to find the right tenant for your rental

property? It’s a big challenge. From expensive

maintenance, unpaid rent, and legal fees associated

with an eviction, settling on the wrong tenant can

cost you big. Let’s find out some easy but helpful

ideas to make sure you choose the right tenant for

your rental property.

1 go for references

1. Go for References

References can serve as an essential tool

for you. But, collecting them isn’t that

simple. In that case, you should check

online or give a call to the employer or

another referee. It will suffice.

2 background check conduct the tenant background

2. Background Check

Conduct the tenant background check. It’ll

help you find out criminal and credit records

of the individuals you want to give the

property on rent. If the prospective individual

is freaked out by the thought of a background

check, don’t allow him to enter your property.

It doesn’t mean the applicant is hiding

something from you. Even if without getting

his person, you can actually perform a

background check and know his details.

Follow the trick of no background check, no


3 trace historical address

3. Trace Historical Address

You should also choose to trace historical

address online. There’re tools available online

that enable you to do this. This will allow you

to develop a complete picture of an

applicant’s historical residential leasing


4 credit check

4. Credit Check

A credit check is another step you should take

into account. This enables you to find a

tenant who is financially good. Make sure

whether he has a history of paying his bills

on time. If the applicant’s credit history

shows that he pays bills on time, chances are

he will pay your rent on time.

5 rental history

5. Rental History

If possible, you can also choose to talk to the

tenant’s previous landlords. It’s advisable to

speak to at least two landlords. A tenant with

a bad rental history cannot be the right fit for

your property. In case, the applicant had an

issue with his previous landlords; maybe he

will have problem with you as well.

6 remember the contract at last draft a written

6. Remember the Contract

At last, draft a written tenancy agreement on

which you and your tenant can agree. This is

very important as it will govern the terms and

conditions of the tenancy.


If you’re not sure how to find the right tenant

for your property, consider all the six tips

mentioned above. By following them, you’ll

be able to choose tenants for your property,

and you don’t have any dispute in future.