5 top skincare trends we ll love to watch n.
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5 Top Skincare Trends We’ll Love to Watch Out in 2018 PowerPoint Presentation
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5 Top Skincare Trends We’ll Love to Watch Out in 2018

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5 Top Skincare Trends We’ll Love to Watch Out in 2018 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Numerous changes are about to happen in skincare industry in 2018. Keep reading to know top 5 trends. Moreover, explore what personalized age management center (http://bit.ly/2wHi0W4) would bring in your life in 2018.

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5 top skincare trends we ll love to watch

5 Top Skincare

Trends We’ll

Love to Watch

Out in 2018

with a never ending stream of trends showcased

With a never-ending stream of trends

showcased on social media, non-stop skincare

products launch, the beauty and skincare

industry constantly embrace new trends.

Out of which, some become significant.

While last year we saw anti-pollution

stance dominating the skin care

industry, this year we are going to

observe a rise in probiotic products and

spiritual skincare moments.

watch out

Watch Out

theexpected trends in 2018

Let’s us

that will dominate the skincare and beauty industry.

personalized skin care formulae

Personalized Skin Care Formulae

‘Bespoke’ formulae will dominate

everything from age management to

skincare products. It focusses more on

customized skincare tailored from a

person’s DNA rather than using a

generic skincare product. The formula

will accompany age-defying, beauty

foods, prevention form sun damage and

pollution. It will drive people more to

personalized age management centers.

With this, the biggest beauty companies

have already jumped on the bandwagon

of ‘custom trend.’

face mask

Face Mask

All types of face masks will

see a rise in demand in 2018.

The mask market is budding

day-by-day and more body

specific masks, like chest,

arms or breasts is expected to

trend. Masks will be more

targeted to specific issues.

more focus on body care

More Focus On Body Care

The focus of OTT creams and serums

will shift from face to overall body. Now

the creams, oils, and lotions will target

the skin on the body as they are going to

contain a scientific formula similar to

that of a face mask or night cream. The

body oil and moisturizers now contain

the rich formulae which earlier used on

the face.

environment friendly packaging

Environment-Friendly Packaging

Healing the soul of earth is the new

mantra, trend and resolution of 2018

and it will affect the beauty industry too.

Skincare industry has never been

celebrated for its eco credentials, but

this is set to change. A shift will be seen

towards plant-based plastics and glass.

Now the consumer is aware of the

harmful effects of plastic, and so

skincare companies will strive more to

package the skin care products in an

environmentally friendly manner.

unisex products

Unisex Products

The growing conversation on

gender has made a great

impact in all areas of beauty

and now whether it is

fragrance or haircut, it will be

made to be worn both by men

and women. New launches are

more concentrated on ‘unisex’.

As the new year has already commenced, it is time to include these

trends in your skincare routine.

thanks for reading about 2018 upcoming trends

Thanks For Reading

About 2018 Upcoming

Trends in Skincare