the material details the types and methods n.
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Oil reed diffusers by Al Wolkow PowerPoint Presentation
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Oil reed diffusers by Al Wolkow

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Some words about aromatherapy at home.

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Oil reed diffusers by Al Wolkow

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the material details the types and methods

The material details the types and methods of aromatherapy at home. What for this

it is possible to use adaptations, and on what rules the health-improving procedure

is spent. Also described are methods of using aromatic essential oils. Specific

practical recommendations and advice of specialists on the use of aromatic lamps

and inhalers are given.

Aromatherapy: what is it?

Aromateratia is one of the methods of phytotherapy, based on the use of natural

essential oils, which enter the body through the respiratory tract (inhalation,

inhalation) and through the pores of the skin (massage, baths, compresses,

cosmetic enrichment). This is a completely natural way of maintaining a high

psycho-emotional and physical state of a person. Currently, many women are

interested in aromatherapy: what is it is described in detail in special textbooks and

women's fashion magazines.

The art of healing with aromatic constituents of plants originated in prehistoric

times, when people used various resins, balsams and gums as sources of incense,

knowledge about which accumulated and passed down from generation to


Types and methods of aromatherapy at home

The methods of aromatherapy, associated with the sense of smell and respiratory

organs, allow you to work the fastest.

Olfaction plays an important role in our life. When the air is inhaled, odor

molecules enter the olfactory epithelium and, through special receptors,

information about the smell very quickly enters the brain.

The brain departments that process this information are closely related to many

internal systems, which allows using the aroma oils to affect the physical and

psychoemotional state of a person.

The methods, which include respiratory aromatherapy, associated with the sense of

smell and respiratory organs, include the following: aroma lamp, aroma-kettle,

aromatic fireplace, reed diffuser.

It is a special device designed for the evaporation of essential oil with water, which

results in aromatherapy at home. In the upper part there is a water tank, in the

lower part there is a heating device (a candle or an electric lamp). The capacity is

filled with water and 2-8 drops of essential oil are added. The water heats up and

evaporates along with the essential oil, so the room is filled with aroma.

how to use aromatic oils with the appliance

How to use aromatic oils with the appliance?

Before using aromatic oils with the device, it is necessary to read the instructions

to the device.

These devices can be divided into several groups:

evaporating essential oils with water;

Spraying essential oils by mixing with air;

Spraying oils with ultrasound.

Pulverizer, sprayer. These devices use aromatic water, which is prepared as

follows: in 1 liter of boiled cold water dissolve 1 tablespoon of alcohol or vodka

and 5-20 drops of essential oil. Shake the mixture well before spraying. Spray

several times a day.

Hot inhalation. In a container pour 1 liter of hot, freshly boiled water, add 2-6

drops of essential oil. Then you need to cover with a towel, close your eyes and

inhale the vapor for 10 minutes. The procedure can be carried out 1-3 times a day.

Course - 3-7 days. After hot inhalation, you can not supercool.

Inhalation with essential oils, carried out in full accordance with the instructions,

as a rule, does not cause a negative reaction of the body. However, dosage and

duration of use should be observed.

Individual perfumes. As individual therapeutic spirits are used individual essential

oils: jasmine, ylang-ylang, patchouli, neroli, iris, mimosa, rose and others.

Pure essential oil is applied to traditional places of application of perfume: behind

the ear, on the neck, forearm, jugular fossa.

You can also make compositions of essential oils. To do this, use a mixture of base

oil and essential oils (they can be from 3 to 5). For a base oil, it is better to use

jojoba oil, grape seeds, ordinary or sweet almonds, because they have the ability to

be stored for a long time, are neutral by smell and they combine different aromas

well, making up a bouquet. In 10-20 ml of base oil, add 10-30 drops of essential

oils. Add oil gradually, to watch how it changes. The composition should have

essential oils of varying degrees of volatility, so that the fragrance of perfume

changes with time.

modern science has proved that essential oils

Modern science has proved that essential oils, unquestionably, have a strong effect

on a person. It turns out that some components of essential oils have a hormone-

like structure that allows them to interfere with the psychophysical functions of the


And essential oils-aphrodisiacs have the ability to influence the pituitary gland and

cause the formation of endorphins. It is the endorphins that aggravate sexual

desires, cause euphoria and, in addition, have an anesthetic effect. The action of

natural aphrodisiacs is not limited only to the exciting effect, they are very delicate

and smoothly regulate the nervous and endocrine systems, are effective in frigidity

and impotence, make up vital energy, remove toxins.