the 7 best oversized wedding bouquets n.
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The 7 Best Oversized Wedding Bouquets PowerPoint Presentation
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The 7 Best Oversized Wedding Bouquets

The 7 Best Oversized Wedding Bouquets

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The 7 Best Oversized Wedding Bouquets

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  1. The 7 Best Oversized Wedding Bouquets!

  2. A Wedding Bouquet Has A Dramatic Look Wedding bouquet is the accessory for your wedding dress & each bouquet adds a dramatic look for the flower-loving bride. Most new brides do not recognize that there are lots of bouquet designs to pick from.

  3. The Dream Wedding Bouquet An oversized bouquet can also be used for floral arrangement, if you're having smaller sized floral pieces in the rest of your decoration. Here's 10 beautiful oversized wedding bouquets to inspire you.

  4. #1 Succulent Rose Bouquet Each bouquet had succulents mixed in with peonies, roses, lisianthus, hydrangeas, and ranunculus.

  5. #2 Gargantuan White Paper Flower Legit, this flower goes from the ground up to the bride’s shoulder. It’ll look like you popped straight out of a fairy tale with this bloom.

  6. #3 Large White Dahlia Its simple bouquet and would be perfect for an outdoor summer garden wedding. Larger one with an addition of white peonies or another flower would create a more luxurious bouquet for the bride.

  7. #4 Plethora of Pink Peonies Soft and loosely arranged,looks like it came straight from the garden. It’s perfect for the sweet bride who loves pink peonies. Carrying a garden worth of them in your arms pretty much sounds like a dream come true.

  8. #5 Armful of Lilies Lily bouquets make beautiful and unique floral gifts for those special occasions. Lillies are delicious, fragrant and elegant flowers and lilies are always delight and dazzle.

  9. #6 Whimsical Giant Rose Paper Flower Bouquet The large, single paper flowers have mostly served as photo props. Add a touch of whimsy to your wedding day with a giant single rose bridal bouquet made form eco-friendly paper.

  10. #7 Single King Protea If you’re looking for the single flower bouquet idea, you can also rejoice that it means you can afford to splurge on a unique flower.

  11. Created By: Moyses Stevens Flowers