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Presenting You on paper!!. Resume Writing. Time and money are valuable and in short supply Your resume may only get looked at for a few seconds. People skim resumes!. It’s what you’ve done with what you know!. It’s not what you know…. Be targeted.

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People skim resumes

People skim resumes!

It s not what you know

  • It’s what you’ve done with what you know!

It’s not what you know…

Create a successful resume

  • Be targeted.

  • Create separate resumes for different positions.

  • Be specific and unique when describing your personal brand and experience.

  • Double check for errors and omissions.

  • Always write from perspective of the employer: What’s in it for them?

Create a Successful Resume

The so what rule

Served burgers and fries

So What??

Served burgers and fries for an average of 150 customers daily

The ‘So What?’ Rule

Verb tense

  • Use past tense  Even for current or recent assignments

    • Coordinate = Coordinated

    • Analyze = Analyzed

    • Plan = Planned

    • Coach = Coached

Verb Tense

Anatomy of a resume1

  • Contact Information

  • Objective Statement or Summary

  • Education

  • Paid Word Experience

  • Additional Optional Categories

  • Volunteer Experience

  • Achievements

  • Awards & Honours

Anatomy of a Resume

Contact information

  • Name should stand out.

  • Ideal: In capital letters and larger font than rest of document.

  • Address

  • Format: Street address, city, province, postal code

  • Home or Mobile Phone

  • 10 digits with area code: 800.363.0307

  • Email Address must be professional.

    • That might mean that some of you need to create a new email address

Contact Information


  • Education section covers academic credentials and any education that would apply to job you seek.

  • Typically placed above relevant work experience.

  • Format: Name of institution, city and state; degree awarded with major and minor; date degree was awarded.

  • List degrees in reverse chronological order, with highest degree first.

  • Do not include incomplete degree unless you include an expected graduation date.


Paid work experience

  • List employers, job titles, and dates of employment in education that would apply to job you seek.reverse chronological order (most recent first)

  • Format: Company, Job Title, Responsibilities and Accomplishments, and Dates.

  • Include brief description of responsibilities and scope of job. Keep it within 1-3 sentences.

  • Use bulleted format to list job responsibilities.

  • Begin each point with a strong action verb.

Paid Work Experience

Optional categories

  • List additional information at bottom of your resume. Only include items relevant to specific position.

  • Volunteer Experience

  • Emphasizes key skills not shown in work experience.

  • Awards and Honors

  • Format: Award title, date, awarding organization.

  • Professional Development

  • Certifications, licenses, and memberships.

Optional Categories

Writing your resume

  • Page length and design include items relevant to specific position.

  • Final resume document formats: Word .doc/.docx or .pdf

  • Free word processors

    • Google Docs:



  • Free resume templates

Writing Your Resume

View from the inside
View from the Inside include items relevant to specific position.

Submitting a resume

  • Emailing your resume include items relevant to specific position.

  • Most effective and common means of submitting resume to employers and contacts.

  • Use standard file formats: Word .doc/.docx and .pdf

  • Be direct and clear in your subject line.

  • Include title of position, word “resume,” and keywords in email.

Submitting a Resume

Posting your resume online

  • Job boards include items relevant to specific position.

  • Keep resume current and updated.

  • Avoid posting confidential resume.

  • Blogs and Websites

  • Control your professional presence online and be conscious of the image you are presenting to potential employers.

Posting Your Resume Online

Guidelines for a well written resume

  • Use strong and concise language to communicate your skills and accomplishments.

  • Do not use personal pronouns: “I,” “me,” “my,” “our.”

  • Use professional language. Remove slang or localized terminology.

  • Shorten long and complex sentences.

  • Check grammar and spelling.

  • Beware of red flags.

Guidelines for a Well-Written Resume

Beware of red flags

  • Too wordy or too much information. and accomplishments.

  • Irrelevant experience.

  • False claims and over-embellishment.

  • Inconsistent work history or unexplained career gaps.

  • Email address is too provocative/immature.

Beware of Red Flags