Innovation that matters web 2 0 the next generation of internet capabilities
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Innovation That Matters Web 2.0: the next generation of Internet capabilities - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Innovation That Matters Web 2.0: the next generation of Internet capabilities. Christopher Perrien, [email protected] , 919.402.1982. Jim Smith, [email protected] , 919.387.6653 jStart Team for Emerging Internet Technologies. IBM’s Emerging Internet Technologies Team.

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Innovation that matters web 2 0 the next generation of internet capabilities

Innovation That Matters Web 2.0: the next generation of Internet capabilities

Christopher Perrien, [email protected], 919.402.1982.

Jim Smith, [email protected], 919.387.6653

jStart Team for Emerging Internet Technologies

Ibm s emerging internet technologies team
IBM’s Emerging Internet Technologies Team

  • Member of team tasked to explore Internet-based technologies

    • Java, XML, Web Services, Open Source Software: Internet infrastructure

    • Now the conversations tend to be business driven: Web 2.0

  • Accomplish our mission by direct interaction with the Marketplace

    • Not inventors or research labs

    • 15 consultants & enterprise architects and 90 developers led by IBM Fellow

  • Trusted methodology for helping customers to get started

Intersection of popular culture the enterprise
Intersection of Popular Culture & the Enterprise

  • If you believe (or hope) that the World is Flat

  • If one is not the low-cost provider, then one has to be the more innovative supplier

  • Innovation hinges upon purposeful communication

    • across the value-chain (internal, customer, partners)

  • Communication: transparent access to data & information

  • For IBM, explains our strategy of:

    • Innovation, On-Demand, Support of Open Systems, Acquisitions

    • even the structure of our worldwide organization

Plan for today
Plan for today

  • Stimulate your thinking about Web 2.0 & your business

  • Acquaint ourselves with fundamental Web 2.0 terms & technologies

  • Persuade you that now is a good time to act

    • Early adopters and the rest of us

    • iPod: $144mm in 2003; $19.2b in 2006

  • Give you some ideas on how to get started

    • At the browser and at the technical layer or backend

What do i hear from customers
What do I hear from Customers?

  • Why are we negotiating over what was optimized 10 years ago?

    • Bandwidth, storage, CPU

  • How can my staff be more of a technical advisor to the business?

    • Can’t believe that I am still worried about Boards & Boxes in 2007!

  • Why are Google & Amazon building huge data centers?

    • What truly prevents them from being a bank?

  • How can I better Innovate?

    • Because I cannot compete with Bricks & Mortar?

    • Because I cannot compete with everyone on the Web

Flat world quiz
Flat World Quiz

  • Percentage of Americans with Broadband Access?

    • 33, 48, 55, 71

  • Download rate in South Korea?

    • 6, 16, 28, 72

  • America has 25 cities with a population of 1,000,000. How many does China have?

    • 17, 75, 175, 275,

  • If Skype were a telecom carrier, its worldwide ranking would be?

    • 3, 7, 10 25

  • What does the phrase ‘3rd Screen’ refer to?

    • 1 - TV

    • 2 - PC

    • Yet we are all carrying the third - mobile devices

  • Bonus question: What tipping-point did the CD ROM achieve?

    • Hint: reversed the adoption pattern of what?

Web 1.0 was about connecting computers and making technology more efficient for computers.

Web 2.0is about connecting people, and making technology efficient for people.

Proliferation of Open Standards have enabled innovation and greater efficiency of “social experience” in what is now known as WEB 2.0

Web 2 0 is a set of loosely defined concepts that provide a platform for participation innovation
Web 2.0 is a set of loosely defined concepts that provide a platform for participation (innovation)

  • Source: Tim O’Reilly: What Is Web 2.0

Impact of web 2 0 on businesses
Impact of Web 2.0 on businesses platform for participation (innovation)

  • Embrace the Long Tail

    • Leverage customer self service to reach the entire web not just the head

  • Data is your Competitive Advantage

    • Seek to own a unique, hard to recreate source of data

    • Data is the new “INTEL INSIDE

  • Allow your users to “Add Value”

    • Key competitive advantage is the extent in which users add their own data to your platform. Don’t restrict your “ architecture” of participation. Involve users implicitly and explicitly in adding value to your applications.

  • Network Effects by default

    • Set inclusive defaults for aggregating user data as a side effect of their use of the application

  • Some Rights Reserved

    • Limiting re-use prevents experimentation. Benefits from Web 2.0 come from collective adoption, not private restriction. Design for Reliability and “ hack-ability”

  • The Perpetual Beta

    • Internet applications are no longer software artifacts, they are ongoing services. Engage users as real-time testers and user their feedback as an instrument in designing the service.

  • Cooperate, Don’t Control

    • Web 2.0 is a network of cooperating data services. Offer web services interfaces and syndication through lightweight programming models

  • Software Above the Level of a Single Device

    • Integrate service across handheld device, PC’s and internet servers

Web2.0 - Tim O’Reilly, 2005

The longtail
The Longtail platform for participation (innovation)

Web 2 0 encompasses many forms of community building collaboration and related data access
WEB 2.0 encompasses many forms of platform for participation (innovation)Community Building, Collaboration, and related Data Access.

Source: Forrester Research, Inc

Short for weblogs platform for participation (innovation)

Personal publishing systems

Focused on the writing not the technology

Built-in tech for connecting people, ideas, websites and other blogs

Automatically generates RSS feeds

Leaves trails of social media

EXAMPLE: BLOGS - Communicating directly with customers, CEO’s have begun to communicate directly with the public through blogs enabling an open dialogue to facilitate brand affinity.

EXAMPLE: WIKIS platform for participation (innovation) - Wikipedia has disrupted traditional publishing models by empowering the masses to create and govern a public encyclopedia through WIKI collaboration using the web as a platform.

  • “What I Know Is…”

  • Collaborative authoring environments

  • “Easy” to create, edit, share pages of information

  • Non-linear in nature

  • Great for sharing information across teams regardless of time or location

Audio and video recordings platform for participation (innovation)

MP3’s and/or video formats (wmv, mov, etc.

Can be delivered via XML / RSS

Time-shifting of content to manage attention scarcity

Supports content distribution

EXAMPLE: PODCASTS- Podcasting empowers users to create & distribute rich media services with dramatically low barriers to entry.

a.k.a. Folksonomy platform for participation (innovation)

User-defined metadata

Typically shared with others

Provides vetting of relevant content without reliance on algorithms

Easily bundled into RSS/XML

EXAMPLE: TAGGING - In contrast to controlled vocabularies or formal taxonomies, Social Tagging (folksonomies) enables better meta-tagging of content to search, distribute and collaborate with in the social construct of Web 2.0.

EXAMPLE: SOCIAL NETWORKS - platform for participation (innovation)Social networking connects individual online through existing relationships and enables extended relationships though online communities of common interests.

Social Networking Diagram

Other examples

Communities and innovation
Communities and Innovation platform for participation (innovation)

  • Shift from employee-only (internal) innovation to beyond the enterprise (external)

  • Impacts customer service, intellectual property, business partnerships and relationships.

The three patterns driving web 2 0

Software as a platform for participation (innovation)SERVICE

Service, not software


Users add value

  • Recommendations

  • Social networking features

  • Tagging

  • User comments

  • Community rights management

  • Collaboration

  • User-driven adoption

  • Value on demand

  • Low cost of entry

  • Public infrastructure

  • Tight feedback loop between providers and consumers

  • Expanding from dozens of markets with millions of people to millions of markets of dozens of people

The three patterns driving Web 2.0

Web 2.0

SIMPLEuser interface and dataservices

Easy to use, easy to remix

  • Responsive UIs (AJAX)

  • Rich Content and Experiences

  • Feeds (Atom, RSS)

  • Simple extensions

  • Mashups (REST APIs)

Key technologies
Key technologies platform for participation (innovation)

  • Most Web 2.0 Technologies are still in beta phase of maturity. We are seeing high customer interest in:

    • AJAX and JSON (evolution of XMLHTTP) is most tangible in terms of potential business value

    • RSS/Atom - beyond Blogs, RSS & Atom being seen as potential approaches to simplify specific content centric application architectures. Feeds are a new addition to the service paradigm.

    • Programmable Web - potential seen in building/extending business ecosystems

    • Rapid “Situational applications” - mash-ups

Web 2 0 @ ibm com
Web 2.0 @ platform for participation (innovation)

The first step ibm lotus sametime 7 5
The First Step: IBM Lotus Sametime 7.5 platform for participation (innovation)

Major upgrade and investment in real-time collaboration:

  • Instant Messaging

    • Richer user experience

    • New IM client with comprehensive update to user interface and features

  • Web Conferencing

    • New Lotus Sametime Web conference user experience

    • Easy, fast and reliable entry to Web conferences

  • Communities, broadcast applications, and other innovations

Blogging w3 blogcentral contd
Blogging: w3 BlogCentral …contd platform for participation (innovation)

Wikis wiki central v2
Wikis: Wiki Central v2 platform for participation (innovation)

Demand workplace rss feeds
Demand Workplace RSS Feeds platform for participation (innovation)

Social networking dogear
Social Networking: Dogear platform for participation (innovation)

Social networking fringe bluepages 1
Social Networking: Fringe (Bluepages +1) platform for participation (innovation)

Collective intelligence ibm open source
Collective Intelligence: IBM Open Source platform for participation (innovation)

Collective intelligence thinkplace
Collective Intelligence: Thinkplace platform for participation (innovation)

Collective intelligence tap
Collective Intelligence: TAP platform for participation (innovation)

Web 2 0 products offerings @ ibm
Web 2.0 Products & Offerings @ IBM platform for participation (innovation)

Lotus connections services

Profiles platform for participation (innovation)

Quickly find the people you need by searching across your organization using keywords that help identify expertise, current projects and responsibilities


Create, find, join, and work with communities of people who share a common interest, responsibility, or area of expertise


Use a weblog to present your idea and get feedback from others; learn from the expertise and experience of others who blog


Save, organize and share bookmarks; discover bookmarks that have been qualified by others with similar interests & expertise


Organize your work, plan next steps, and easily tap your expanding professional network to help execute your everyday deliverables, faster

Lotus Connections services

Lotus quickr

Quickr Connectors platform for participation (innovation)

Quickr Services

Shared Content



Content Stores

Business templates


Team Blogs

Anywhere, Anytime


Lotus Domino


IBM FileNet *

SharePoint *


Lotus Quickr

Mashups platform for participation (innovation)

Beware banned books
beware. banned books. platform for participation (innovation)

Data Mining 101: Finding Subversives with Amazon Wishlists!

Readers of “1984”

Technologies @ ibm
Technologies @ IBM platform for participation (innovation)

Qedwiki overview
QEDWiki Overview platform for participation (innovation)

  • QEDWiki is a lightweight, cross-browser Mashup Maker written in PHP 5 that can be hosted on a LAMP, WAMP, or MAMP stack.

  • Mashups can be built by assembling a collection of widgets on a page, wiring them together to define the behavior of the mash-up application, and then possibly sharing the mash-up with others.

  • Mash-up enablers provide QEDWiki with a collection of widgets that provide application domain- or information-specific functionality.

  • The framework includes a rich AJAX-enabled MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture so that each wiki page is a rich, interactive application for end users.

Under the hood
Under the hood platform for participation (innovation)

Base Technology

  • LAMP Based (PHP 5.0.4++)

  • Uses Zend Framework (

  • “Easy-to-use framework for developing the next generation of web applications”

  • Collaborating on component model, forms processing

  • Contributed database adapters for DB2

  • AreaEdit : WYSIWYG Editor

  • Dojo : Rich cross-browser DHTML widgets

    The Widget frameworks provides an extensibility mechanism for QEDWiki

  • Invoked using REST model & using clean URLs

  • http://host/wiki/ajax/action/GooglemapCommand/address/...

  • Communicate on the client and the server using a simple communication data hub model, symmetric model on C/S via JSON

  • Built-in communication with client/server personas of commands (DataHub)

  • Metadata baked into the command (keep-it-simple)

  • Trusted and un-trusted Widgets

Mashup hub
Mashup Hub platform for participation (innovation)

  • Need a place to host technology to create feeds for several classes of important data sources

  • Need to share objects used to create these feeds to make it easier to expose additional feeds

  • Widgets are closely associated with feeds, especially custom viewers of microformats. It is best to manage them together

  • Sharing and discovery is facilitated by community and social tools

  • Many enterprise data sources don’t have a Web UI, so they need a place to advertise their feeds

  • Note: Does not require feeds to be registered here and other catalogs can exist in the enterprise and on the Web. But this is an “install this one Web app” and you have the main enablement support you need.

Architecture of the mashup hub
Architecture of the Mashup Hub platform for participation (innovation)

Excel Docs

Access Docs





Jstart s customer engagement model
jStart’s Customer Engagement Model platform for participation (innovation)

  • Consultative approach for mapping Internet technologies to customer business problems

    • Identifies potential business value to Project Stakeholders

  • Proven Workshop Approach

    • Similar model to GBS and with smaller development iterations

    • Can partner with SWG Labs, GBS, GTS, Research, Product Development

  • Workshop Offerings address:

    • 1. Project Definition

    • 2. Project Requirements

    • 3. Use-case Development and Validation

    • Samples and References available

Community building offerings baseline project definition workshop
Community Building Offerings platform for participation (innovation)Baseline: Project Definition Workshop

  • Qualifications

    • targeted Business Purpose and appropriate business Sponsorship

  • Venue

    • 4 - 6 hour discussion w/ jStart consultant & senior architect

      • Combination of in-person & web-based

  • Format

    • Profile Community Building Concepts & Trends

    • Capture Business Requirements, both tangible and intangible

  • Deliverables

    • discussion notes, presentation, other related artifacts

  • Base price

    • no-fee

Thank you

Thank you! platform for participation (innovation)

Wesabe platform for participation (innovation)

Blogging w3 blogcentral
Blogging: w3 BlogCentral platform for participation (innovation)

Blogging w3 blogcentral contd1
Blogging: w3 BlogCentral …contd platform for participation (innovation)

Blogging w3 blogcentral contd2
Blogging: w3 BlogCentral …contd platform for participation (innovation)

Blogging w3 blogcentral contd3
Blogging: w3 BlogCentral …contd platform for participation (innovation)