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Grammar L to J Quiz

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Grammar L to J Quiz - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Grammar L to J Quiz. Hannah Harris and Jacob Kluch Horizon High School Paradise Valley District, Phoenix, AZ. This type of verb describes a physical or mental action. Action Verb. 1. Menu. What type of sentence is completed with an adjective?. Adjectival Complement. 2. Menu.

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Grammar L to J Quiz

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. GrammarL to J Quiz Hannah Harris and Jacob Kluch Horizon High School Paradise Valley District, Phoenix, AZ

    2. This type of verb describes a physical or mental action. Action Verb 1 Menu

    3. What type of sentence is completed with an adjective? Adjectival Complement 2 Menu

    4. An adjective that can function as a noun is called a ____________. Adjectival Noun 3 Menu

    5. What type of clause is used like an adjective to modify a noun or pronoun? Adjective Clause 4 Menu

    6. What part of speech describes a noun? Adjective 5 Menu

    7. What part of a sentence modifies the verb to show time, manner, place, frequency, and degree?Ex: It is nearly done. Adjuncts 6 Menu

    8. What part of speech is formed by adding -ly to an adjective and modifies the meaning of a verb?Ex: He ran quickly. Adverb 7 Menu

    9. What is it called when the words, sentences, and grammar in a sentence are in alignment with each other? Agreement 8 Menu

    10. What is it called when a word or phrase at the end of a sentence is repeated at the beginning of the next sentence?Ex: Here, we don’t accept failure. Failure is not an option. Anadiplosis 9 Menu

    11. What is the word that a pronoun refers to or replaces? Antecedent 10 Menu

    12. What is the type of noun or pronoun phrase that, when placed next to another, gives extra information or explanation? Ex: The dog, a West Highland White, started barking. Appositive 11 Menu

    13. What part of speech are the words “a,” “an,” and “the?” Articles 12 Menu

    14. What type of adjective usually comes before the noun it modifies without a linking verb? Attributive Adjective 13 Menu

    15. What type of verb usually appears as a verb phrase, using more than one verb to portray the action (also called a helping verb)? Auxiliary Verb 14 Menu

    16. What must be done to the first word of a quoted sentence, proper noun, or title?Ex: Rainsford was shipwrecked on Ship Trap Island. Capitalization 15 Menu

    17. What words or phrases, similar to pronouns, point forward to something later in the text?Ex: As he was unaccustomed to it, Jake found the pressure very hard to deal with. Cataphora 16 Menu

    18. What is the part of the sentence that usually contains a subject and a verb? It is usually connected to the other part of the sentence by a conjunction. Clause 17 Menu

    19. What type of noun names a group of things?Ex: The school of fish swam in perfect unison. Collective Noun 18 Menu

    20. What introduces a list of items or a long, formal quotation?Ex: The team dreamed of the best way to end the season: practicing hard every day, giving each other encouragement, playing hard during every game, and winning the state title. Colon 19 Menu

    21. What do we use to separate independent clauses when they are joined by any coordinating conjunctions (and, but, for, or, nor, so, yet)?Ex: He did not study, so he thought the test was hard. Commas 20 Menu

    22. What form of adjective or adverb is used to compare two things? Ex: The Nile is longer than the Amazon. Comparatives 21 Menu

    23. What is the part of the sentence that comes after the verb and is needed to make the sentence complete?Ex: A glacier is a huge body of ice. Complement 22 Menu

    24. What type of sentence has one independent clause and at least one dependent clause?Ex: I ate the meal that you cooked. Complex Sentences 23 Menu

    25. What type of sentence is composed of at least two independent clauses and does not require a dependent clause?Ex: My friend invited me to a party, but my parents didn’t let me go. Compound Sentence 24 Menu

    26. What connects words, phrases, or clauses?Ex: like, and, but, when, or Conjunction 25 Menu

    27. What are words, phrases, or clauses that are unclear regarding which element of the sentence they are modifying? Ex: Having trouble sleeping, the TV helps me get through the night. Dangling Modifiers 26 Menu

    28. What type of sentence makes a statement and ends in a period?Ex: My birthday is in December. Declarative Sentence 27 Menu

    29. The word “the” is an example of a(n): Definite Article 28 Menu

    30. What are words/phrases that can be understood from the context of the text?Ex: Tom’s interview was about to start and he was feeling nervous about it. Deixis 29 Menu

    31. This indicates whether something is near or far from the speaker or writer and also shows whether something is singular or plural.Ex: Could you pass me those books? Demonstrative 30 Menu

    32. This type of clause cannot stand alone and needs another clause to complete the meaning.Ex: After their club meeting, the girls walked home together. Dependent Clause 31 Menu

    33. The __________ of a verb is affected by the action of a verb.Ex: She closed the door. Direct Object 32 Menu

    34. A ______________ is a word or phrase used in conversation to signal the speaker’s intention to mark a boundary.Ex: “Anyway, I’ll have to be going now.” Discourse Marker 33 Menu

    35. This expresses the speaker or writer’s attitude to what is being described in the sentence.Ex: Fortunately, we managed to get there on time. Disjuncts 34 Menu

    36. What is a series of marks that usually indicate an intentional omission of a word or sentence?Ex: “What should I do this weekend…?” Ellipses 35 Menu

    37. A _____________ clause is a clause in which some words have been left out.Ex: I don’t want to go (to the beach). Elliptical Clause 36 Menu

    38. The repetition of a word or phrase at the end of different phrases, clauses, or sentences is called _____________.Ex: When I was a child, I spoke as a child. Epistrophe 37 Menu

    39. The history of a word is ______________. Etymology 38 Menu

    40. This type of sentence uses, contains, or expresses an exclamation.Ex: Have fun storming the castle! Exclamatory 39 Menu

    41. What person is used in the sentence below?Ex: When I go on road trips, I like to keep my car’s tank of gas full. First Person 40 Menu

    42. What are incomplete sentences called?Ex: Such as electrical, chemical, and industrial engineering. Fragments 41 Menu

    43. This verb tense expresses an action that has not happened yet.Ex: I will walk to the park. Future Tense 42 Menu

    44. A ___________ is a verb when it acts a noun.Ex: Studying is good for you. Gerund 43 Menu

    45. An expression that is particular to a specific language is called a(n) ______________.Ex: He is pushing up daisies. Idiom 44 Menu

    46. This type of sentence gives advice or instructions or expresses a request or command.Ex: Turn in your papers as soon as you get into class. Imperative Sentence 45 Menu

    47. The words “a” and “an” are: Indefinite Article 46 Menu

    48. These words replace nouns without specifying which noun they replace.Ex: He has one job during the school year and another during the summer. Indefinite Pronouns 47 Menu

    49. These act as complete sentences Independent Clauses 48 Menu