Edtc 656 visual literacy
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EDTC-656 Visual Literacy. Motivational Trigger: Do you want to win friends and influence people? Are you willing to do uncomfortable things so that you can have more friends?. Learners & Their Environment. Target learners: At-risk Special-needs Sensory sensitive Socially challenged

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Edtc 656 visual literacy
EDTC-656 Visual Literacy

Motivational Trigger:

  • Do you want to win friends and influence people?

  • Are you willing to do uncomfortable things so that you can have more friends?


Learners their environment
Learners & Their Environment

Target learners:

  • At-risk

  • Special-needs

  • Sensory sensitive

  • Socially challenged

  • Motivated !

  • Jr. and Sr. high school


  • Among peers

  • Small groups

  • Pretest & posttest

  • Control group


Storyboard for trigger
Storyboard for Trigger


  • Use Camtasia? Or Animoto Pro?

  • Flash no good

    • No prior knowledge

    • Apple iPad won’t take Flash

    • Found some flash tutorials: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_XGM1MQzdR8 (what a huge project!)


  • Want to mash IQMatrix.com .pdf (purchased) file

  • How to transfer one big .pdf file into a graphic organizer and then into something flowing (video)?

  • Self-paced?

  • Emotional

  • Motivational

  • Sensory Sensitive

  • High Expectations and Consequences


Mental model
Mental Model

  • Must work for near-transfer and far-transfer

  • Low cognitive load

  • Fun! I even put a smile on the treasure map skull

  • Use prior knowledge

  • Audio? Music? Overload?

  • Pacing must compensate for not being self-paced

  • Actual social skills model will be 2 parts:

    • Compiled PowerPoint from Procedure/Fact/Concept/Quantitative (.ppt)

    • Trigger video (.mp4)


3 manual storyboard pages
3 Manual Storyboard Pages


Punch list
Punch List

Music: Spent several hours customizing audio clips to ease cognitive load distress: used uplifting little tunes to balance emotional slides (fear, anxiety), and supported the learner prior knowledge by repeating audio clips during respective concepts. Alas, all those sound clips ceased working within the magic of Camtasia. In PowerPoint slide show, they worked nicely. Maybe that was the angels telling me to lighten the load, that maybe my voice and all the visual and written words were plenty to process. Still think I need to add music to the audio track.

iPad App: Camtasia has an output for iPads. I am tinkering with that now, and plan to put the package together and publish for parents in iTunes. Loaded Making Friends iPad onto our son’s iPad! Here is your copy:

(I am currently bird-dogging an eBook as an ePub via Lulu.com into the iTunes iBookstore. It has an ISBN, but currently is only available via Lulu.com).

Punch list cont d
Punch List cont’d

EPSY-636 Linkage: Still have illusions of grandeur that I can link the creations of this class to the research project (more a mock project, really) of EPSY-636 as a social-skills intervention. Will see how all that pans out.

Found another relevant concept map on page 200 of

King, G., Baldwin, P., Currie, M., & Evans, J. (2005). Planning successful transitions from school to adult roles for youth with disabilities. Children's Health Care, 34(3), 193-216.

Will send IQMatrix.com a copy of the final app. He was super to send me a .jpg copy of the file to chop up and his permission to do so. (I couldn’t do much with the .pdf file I bought from him.)


Used IQMatrix.com purchased .pdf file as the mash-up:

How to Win Friends & Influence People from IQMatrix.com http://www.shop.iqmatrix.com/popup_image.php?pID=875&image=0

Amazon is the source of Dale Carnegie info.

Used Snag-It to edit and enhance jpg files; used PowerPoint and Camtasia throughout.


Mind map by IQMatrix.com(by permission)

How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie, via Amazon.com

Other books by Dale Carnegie

(this slide lost its linkage within Camtasia)