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Abraham Lincoln

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Abraham Lincoln. The Emancipation Proclamation. Think, Ink, Link. you will be given a few questions first you must think about the answer in your head then once you have done that, you must write down your best, most succinct answer to each prompt

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Abraham Lincoln

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    1. Abraham Lincoln The Emancipation Proclamation

    2. Think, Ink, Link • you will be given a few questions • first you must think about the answer in your head • then once you have done that, you must write down your best, most succinct answer to each prompt • then you will share out and link your ideas with your classmates

    3. Brief Review • 1) List some causes of the Civil War. • 2) Which side would you say had an advantage in the Civil War, the North or the South? • 3) What did the South aim to do in the Civil War? What was the North’s goal? • 4) Name one strategy used by the North and one used by the South. • 5) What would you have done if you were President when Southern states seceded? Why?

    4. Academic Language • ‘college words’ of the day • benefit • respond • policy

    5. Yes, No, Why? • Abraham Lincoln ran for President campaigning on an anti-slavery platform. • I agree with this statement because_________ • I disagree with this statement because__________ • Use at least one college word (but use more than one for style points)

    6. Partner Debate • Share your answers with a partner! • If your partner has a different answer than you, listen to his or her rationaleand try to convince him or her of your position respectfully • If your partner has the same answer as you, work together to come up with an argument for the opposing point of view

    7. Possible Sentence Starters • I (dis)agree with your response because _______ • In response to your question, ________ • I would like to respond by saying _________ • I know that Lincoln’s policy was to _______ • I agree that it would benefit Lincoln to ________ • You made an excellent point when you _________

    8. Tough Decisions • Think back to the tough decision that you wrote about on Monday… • Speak to a partner about the decision that you made

    9. Emancipation Proclamation • Emancipate • to free from bondage • Proclaim • to announce publically or officially • What can you predict the term to mean based on these definitions? (RNG)

    10. Did Lincoln Have the Power to Free Slaves? • Look up Article II (President and the military?) • Constitution establishes the President as Commander in Chief of the armed forces • What is martial law? (Discuss with a partner) • Martial law is military rule during a state of emergency.

    11. Results • Gave Union troops ability to enlist black soldiers • this gave the Union a valuable influx of soldiers • Gave government power to reject the Fugitive Slave Act • escaped slaves were granted freedom • Turned the war into a fight over slavery • discouraged foreign countries from entering the conflict Which one of these results do you think was most important?

    12. Who did it apply to? • Lincoln declared the Proclamation due to his power to rule in an emergency. • Predict which states were named and included in the Emancipation Proclamation. Predict which states were not. (Partners)

    13. Strengths and Limitations • it turned the war into a fight about slavery • strength • it discouraged foreign countries from aiding the South • strength • it did not free slaves in states loyal to the union • limitation • it did not hold any legal weight outside the context of war • limitation

    14. Exit Ticket • 1) Why did Lincoln wait until 1863 to declare the Emancipation Proclamation? • 2) Use the college word, policy, in a sentence. • 3) Did Lincoln have the power to declare the Emancipation Proclamation • 4) Did the Emancipation Proclamation hurt the South’s chances of foreign involvement in the war? Why or why not?