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Things to Consider Before, During and After Your Move PowerPoint Presentation
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Things to Consider Before, During and After Your Move

Things to Consider Before, During and After Your Move

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Things to Consider Before, During and After Your Move

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  1. Things to Consider Before, During and After Your Move

  2. Things You Need While Moving • Signing a lease or closing a purchase of your first apartment will be more exciting than moving in the young adulthood. • Young adulthood likes to show their character in the place they live by adding their choice of flavors while decorating the new pad and nothing is more thrilling than moving to the first apartment at a juncture of life. • Congrats, your first apartment is waiting for your presence. And before we jump into the article, you can now book apartment movers with moversfolder and get free quotes for moving.

  3. Things You Need While Moving • However, before moving to your first apartment there are certain things you need to put in the apartment for a hassle-free living. • If you are wondering what to consider before moving then, for instance, what if you’ve planned to cook a meal and later you realized the lack of kitchen items?  • Hence, to avoid such occurrences, you definitely need a checklist which includes everything like a can opener to a shower curtain liner.

  4. Thankfully, you don’t need to worry, as we made a checklist which describes the things to remember when moving.

  5. Entrance Area • Keeping the entrance area neat and tidy gives the good first impression of the apartment. And it also adds a big smile to the home. • Furthermore, it makes your day beautiful when you come from the work. This is definitely something to do before moving. After all, who doesn’t like a home which welcomes you with a smile?

  6. Entrance Area • Welcome Mat • Wall hooks for hanging coats, jackets, and keys etc., • A designated place with a small bench or basket for shoe storage. • Umbrella stand. • A lamp at the door (if required)

  7. Living Area • The place where one spends more time needs to be spacious and comfortable. • And if there will be a frequent visits of your friends or guests then you’ll need to have a sufficient room and good lighting with things to entertain.

  8. Living Area • Couch, chairs and creative sitting alternatives. • Pillows for couch, chairs and creative sitting. • Bookshelf & Coffee Table. • Lamps or standing lamp. • TV and TV stand to hang it • Blankets • Picture frames or artwork (whichever you prefer) • Hanging Hooks • Mirrors

  9. Kitchen Area • Can expect an under-equipped kitchen from first apartment movers. • Howbeit, if you are that person who loves to show some culinary skills, then there is a definite need to stack your kitchen. • Evaluate the list of products your kitchen demands to evade the process of buying non-essentials.

  10. Kitchen Area • Groceries • Silverware and its organizer • Dishes of various sizes (e.g. plates, glasses, mugs, bowls, serving platters, etc.) • Dish soap and sponges/scrubs • Dish Drying Rack • Pots and Pans • Oven mitts • Dish towels • Paper towels and its holder • Cutlery set (All kind of knifes if needed) • Cutting board

  11. Dining Area • Dining table and chairs • Dining tablecloth and placemats • Napkins • Candle and candle holders

  12. Bedroom Area • Mattress with mattress pad (if required) • Bed frame • Bedsheets, pillow, and pillowcases • Duvet cover • Blankets • Curtains • Hangers • Full-length mirror • Bedside dressers • Laundry hamper • Wastebasket

  13. Bathroom Area • Hand and bath towels • Washcloths • Toothbrush holder • Hand-soap • Shower curtain and liner • Shower caddies • Shower seat or stool • Toiletries • Cosmetic organization tray • Air freshener • Vanity trays

  14. Miscellaneous Additional hooks Baskets and bins for storage Vacuum cleaner Broom and dustpan Candle Matches Fans Light bulbs First aid kit Basic tools Paper and Pen

  15. Further, you can add accordingly to Streamline the checklist as per your demands.

  16. MOVERSFOLDER Thank You