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Choose the Right Motorcycle Protective Gear PowerPoint Presentation
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Choose the Right Motorcycle Protective Gear

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Choose the Right Motorcycle Protective Gear - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Choose the Right Motorcycle Protective Gear

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  1. Choose the Right Motorcycle Protective Gear When you look at the broad category of motorcycle protective gear, there are mainly six aspects to it – head gear, eye gear, protection for the hands, jacket, pants and footwear. So, you would need to have a helmet, glasses, gloves, jackets, pants and boots and you would be pretty much ready to ride out for a trip. However, making the choice for the right protective gear happens to be a whole different ball game and most people tend to get really confused and often end up buying things that might look really nice, but is not really right for them. Purchasing motorcycle gear in India or any other part of the country for that matter, needs to be done with care and keeping in mind, what exactly you need. Start with the helmet, because of all the parts of the body that you need to keep protected while riding, the head is the important. Decide whether you want a helmet that will cover your entire face or something that will protect only the head. If you like to feel the wind and rain on your face, then you should go for an open faced helmet, but if you are someone who is concerned about how the pollution would affect your skin, a full faced helmet would be a better idea. If you are wearing a full faced helmet, then you might need eye wear, because the front drop down panel of the helmet will offer the protection that your eyes need. But if you are looking at an open faced helmet, then you might have to invest in a pair of really good sunglasses. Moving onto clothes, such as jackets and pants – the choice for this should be made keeping in mind the weather. If you are planning a trip during the monsoons, then you would need to purchase motorcycle rain gear. This would include a jacket and pants that will repel the rain and ensure that you are dry and comfortable throughout your ride. Finally, most people disregard the kind of footwear they use, but it is important to remember that every time you apply the brakes, you will have to put your feet down and if your feet are not protected, they could get badly hurt. In an ideal situation, you should head to a speciality store, where you will be able to find all this gear under one roof and someone from the sales staff should be able to help you out with your choices. For the Original Version on Visit: - protective-gear