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My careers. Events organizer Teacher Singer . Career #1 events organiser !. I would like to become an event’s organizer because I like organizing things. When ever there’s a family party I always get called to help them set up the party place, and it’s really fun. Duties.

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my careers
My careers
  • Events organizer
  • Teacher
  • Singer
career 1 events organiser

Career #1events organiser!

I would like to become an event’s organizer because I like organizing things. When ever there’s a family party I always get called to help them set up the party place, and it’s really fun.

  • You have to meet the professional associations and the groups that promote the events.
  • You have to coordinate services for events.
  • Ensure the conference for other facilities.
  • You have to Plan social gatherings for participants.
  • Organize the participants for the event.
  • Hire support staff and also train them.
working condition
Working condition
  • We have to work in the range of setting.
  • Some planners may work from their office.
  • Some planners may work at the on-site
  • some might work at an off-site to meet the suppliers and get some materials.
  • The workers have to work long hours during the event.
  • Workers usually use the event planning software to organize the events.
  • To qualify you need to have an University degree, or college diploma in marketing.
  • You need to be a certified meeting professional
  • You need certification relating to the event to organize it.
  • You need several years of experience in hospitality.
  • You need a strong customer service.
  • You need computer skills to design drawings in a asset.
current work force
Current work force
  • You have a medium-sized group to work with.
  • Women makeup a large majority of work force.
  • Self employment is common.
  • Employment is concentrated on information, culture and recreational sector.
  • Workers are hired mainly in the lower mainland.
  • Employed (size of occupation)$2,115 Average
  • Full-time Salary (full year)$50,933 Average
employment outlook
Employment outlook
  • British Columbia has become a big tourism destination both domestically and internationally.
  • This is why events organizer companies need more workers for this occupation.
  • The business services sector is also growing as mor companies contract experts for specific tasks.
related occupational groups
Related Occupational Groups
  • Administrative officers
  • Executive assistance
  • Sales representatives
  • Whole sale trade
elementary teacher
Elementary teacher

I want to be a teacher because I like teaching it’s fun.

  • Prepare courses according to approved curriculum
  • Teach students by presentations, field trips, discussions.
  • lead student in activities to promote their physical, mental and social development.
  • Assign correct home work.
  • Prepare tests
  • Indentify children’s individual learning needs.
working condition1
Working condition
  • Elementary teachers work in schools and classrooms.
  • The prepare tests and assignments in their own time.
  • Most teacher work about 10 months.
  • They have July and August off and also winter and spring break.
  • Changes have influenced this field.
  • Teachers now use computers or their own laptops to store data.
current workforce
Current workforce
  • This is a very large occupational group.
  • Because of this some teachers only work or half the year.
  • Full time teachers earn average salary.
  • Teachers that work above 10 months get above average salary.
  • Women make up the majority of the work force.
  • Almost all the teachers are employed by provincial school districts.
employment outlook1
Employment outlook
  • All of schools were closed because of declining kindergarten
  • As the age of 5-12 year olds is expected to continue to decline for a decade.
  • A lot of schools are built because there are a lot of teachers.
  • New teachers often have to work part time for 2-3 years.
  • Some new graduates are also choosing to stay in larger cities to get a job as a teacher.
related occupations
Related occupations
  • Secondary school teachers
  • Early childhood educators
  • Elementary school assistance
  • Secondary school assistance
  • School principles
  • School administrates
  • I want to become a singer, because I love singing. I’ve been singing since I was 8 and my family say’s that when I sing I have this deep voice inside of me and they like it, they think it’s cool. I also like rapping. The singer that I some times look up to is shaggy because he has the same name as me, and he was born in Surrey Jamaica and I was born in Surrey Canada (get it )
  • Singers have to sing musical arrangements as soloists
  • If they sing in a vocal group then they have to do the same thing.
  • Singers can sing in different types of music
  • The different types of music are like classical, RnB, jazz, pop, opera, and maybe rapping.
  • I prefer RnB and rapping.
working conditions
Working conditions
  • When singers arrange there music it’s usually at their producers house or that their house.
  • They record their music at the studio
  • After recording the music then they record the music video!
  • After recording the music video it’s a wrap!!!
employment outlook2
Employment outlook.
  • The lower main land has the highest number of those who are employed being a singer.
  • There are more people that are singers in Ontario.
related occupations1
Related occupations
  • Conductors
  • Composers
  • Music arrangers
  • Elementary Music teacher
  • Vocal artist
  • Secondary school music teacher