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\nPHIFER is the world\'s largest selling brand of Mosquito screens. PHIFER retails its range of Mosquito net\nsystems for doors & windows in India through exclusive showrooms across the country.

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Mosquito net phiferindia


PHIFER is the world's largest selling brand of Mosquito screens. PHIFER retails its

range of Mosquito net systems for doors & windows in India through exclusive

showrooms across the country. PHIFER is the only brand offering 10 different types of

fitment options for windows and two fitment options for doors. There are 6 different

types of mesh options ranging from fiberglass to stainless steel meshes.

Importance of undisturbed sleep for infants:

Studies say that babies having disturbed sleep may develop psychological issues

later in their adulthood. Disturbed sleep could be due to many reasons like a

noisy environment or physical disturbance like mosquito bites etc. A house near

to a railway track could be a disturbing place for an infant, or a house without

mosquito protection could affect an infant’s sleep. Though the mosquito issue

could be easily taken care by installing mosquito net systems on the doors and

windows, noisy environments could prove to be expensive to cut off. Whatever

may be the reason or cause, giving an undisturbed sleep to an infant should be a

parent’s priority to save health issues at later stages of the infant’s life.

Branded Mosquito nets in India:

Usage of mosquito nets and mosquito systems for Doors and Windows are on the rise

due to the various diseases spreading because to mosquitoes. In recent years many

dangerous and potentially lethal viruses are being spread through mosquitoes like

Dengue and Zica virus. But people are less aware on how to stop mosquitoes from

entering their living spaces. They are less informed on the options of mosquito net

fitment systems available for Doors and Windows. Or completely unaware on the brands

or qualities they possess.

Phifer an US based mosquito screen company has been offering a range of mosquito

nets in fiberglass as well as in metals. They are the world’s largest selling brand of

mosquito nets. But inspite of the presence of such global brands, 90% of the market is

flooded by cheap quality Chinese products that have no quality certifications or warranty

for their products. People are not even aware that Chinese meshes have lead in them

which is seen as a cancer causing agent and is banned all over the world.