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Checklist for Easy Office Moving PowerPoint Presentation
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Checklist for Easy Office Moving

Checklist for Easy Office Moving

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Checklist for Easy Office Moving

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  1. Checklist for Effortless Office Moving

  2. Office relocation companyhas its own set of difficulties. However not all companies face it, as they plan their relocation well beforehand. Here’s a checklist for successful moving of your office.

  3. First and foremost, select a guy from your staff who can smoothly manage the entire moving process. Delegate this duty to him and let him coordinate it with the professional movers and packers

  4. Take into account what should be relocated, upgraded and discarded (systems and other equipment). Ask the guy to oversee the packing of things and label each item for easy identification. Note: Before you begin packing, ensure that the systems are turned off properly and that you backed up all electronic files.

  5. Keep your staff posted on the progress of moving.

  6. Note that you change the address of your letterheads also.

  7. Be sure of the floor plan and the security arrangements of your new office. See if they are compliant with your employees’ needs. If not, make necessary remodeling.

  8. Notify all those who are associated with your business that you are shifting your base. Give them your new contact details. Like,Clients/customersSuppliers and agentsLegal and Insurance agenciesOther local governing bodies Cleaners, etc.

  9. Make arrangements for disconnection and reconnection of your electricity and communication lines

  10. Make arrangements for uninstalling and reinstalling of your computers and other devices

  11. Work out a budget for the move, and choose the right movers and packers that come within it. Check the date of moving and other details like insurance with them.

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