quality in education 2020
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Quality in Education 2020

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Quality in Education 2020 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Quality in Education 2020. Cwm Glas Primary School 22 nd April 2009. School Organisation Consultation. Welcome Introductions Purpose of this meeting. Purpose of this meeting. To explain the background to the proposal. To explain the consultation process and the next steps.

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quality in education 2020

Quality in Education 2020

Cwm Glas Primary School 22nd April 2009

School Organisation Consultation
  • Welcome
  • Introductions
  • Purpose of this meeting
Purpose of this meeting
  • To explain the background to the proposal.
  • To explain the consultation process and the next steps.
  • To provide an opportunity for pupils, parents, staff and governors to express their views regarding the proposal.
What would this proposal mean?
  • Cwm Primary School would close on 31st August 2010.
  • From 1st September 2010, pupils would attend Cwm Glas Primary School.
  • The catchment area of Cwm Glas would be extended to include the former catchment area of Cwm.
What would this proposal mean?
  • Pupils would attend Cwm Glas or make a preferred placement application to another school.
Why is this proposal being brought forward?
  • The surplus full time capacity at Cwm Primary School at January 2009 was 40% and 67 surplus places and at Cwm Glas Primary School was 30% and 87 surplus places.
Why is this proposal being brought forward?
  • Pupil numbers at Cwm Primary school are approaching a point where they could be insufficient to sustain an appropriate range of primary educational provision.
Why is this proposal being brought forward?
  • There is considerable movement of pupils between primary catchments.

- Only 24.3% of pupils living within the catchment area for Cwm Primary School attended Cwm Primary School at January 2009.

- The other 75.7% attended other schools in Swansea.

- 7.3% of the pupils in Cwm Glas Primary school are already from the Cwm catchment area.

How will pupils be accommodated?
  • Cwm Glas Primary School already has sufficient facilities to take all of the pupils from Cwm Primary School without building work.
  • Cwm Glas Primary School would need up to 12 classrooms if the proposal goes ahead
    • There are 12 rooms in Cwm Glas which could be used for classrooms.
    • Some rooms will be used in different ways but there will be no loss of facilities to children.
What will the proposal offer?
  • A wider range of facilities on a larger site (5.5 acres by comparison with 2.7 acres at Cwm).
  • Greater flexibility in covering all areas of the curriculum and greater access to resources and staffing.
What will the proposal offer?
  • The larger team of staff at Cwm Glas would share a wide range of expertise and experience. This could benefit the whole school.
  • More opportunities for staff to develop their skills and can enable the best use to be made of staff expertise.
What will the proposal offer?
  • More flexibility with its budget offering a wider range of resources and staffing.
  • Current community provision at Cwm Primary School can transfer to the Cwm Glas school site.
Some key considerations
  • Will children’s education suffer?

Closing the school will inevitably cause some disruption and uncertainty for a period of time, although experience shows that this can be kept to a minimum.

  • What will happen to staff?

The Authority will endeavour to redeploy staff into suitable alternative posts, and in particular will discuss options with the governing body of Cwm Glas Primary School.

What are the next steps?
  • Consultation with pupils, parents, staff, governors and interested parties - April and May 2009
  • Views received during consultation will be reported to Cabinet - 3rd June 2009.
  • If the Cabinet decide not to proceed, this will be the end of the proposal for the foreseeable future.
What are the next steps?
  • If Cabinet decide to go ahead, there would be a statutory procedure to follow

A statutory notice outlining the proposals will be published for a period of two months.

Formal written objections during this notice period can be submitted.

  • If there are objections, the Minister for Children, Education and Lifelong Learning Skills at the Welsh Assembly Government will need to consider the proposal.

The Minister could subsequently accept, reject or modify the proposal.

2.7 acres

5.5 acres