Introduction to the industrial revolution
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Introduction to the Industrial Revolution. Oliver Twist 8:25.

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Food revolutions throughout the ages

  • An agricultural revolution or agrarian revolution is a period of transition from a pre-agricultural period characterized by a Paleolithic diet, into an agricultural period characterized by a diet of cultivated foods; or a further transition from a living form of agriculture into a more advanced and more productive form of agriculture, resulting in further social changes. Examples of historical agricultural revolutions includethe Neolithic, Arab and British.

Food Revolutions throughout the ages

Examples of agrarian revolutions

  • The Neolithic Revolution (around 10,000 B.C.E), the initial transition from hunting and gathering to settled agriculture in prehistory. This period is commonly referred to as the 'First Agricultural Revolution'.

  • TheArab Agricultural Revolution (8th–13th centuries), a term coined by the historian Andrew Watson postulating a fundamental transformation in agriculture arising from the diffusion of crops through the Islamic world.

  • The British Agricultural Revolution (17th–19th centuries), an increase in agricultural productivity in Great Britain which helped drive the Industrial Revolution

Examples of Agrarian Revolutions

Pre industrial revolution

  • Agricultural - relating to farming

  • Manual - done by hand and without the use of machinery

  • Cottage industry - the making of goods by workers in their own homes

  • Textiles – of or made of cloth

  • Trade – buying and selling of goods and services

Pre-Industrial Revolution

Terms of the industrial revolution

  • Modernisation - the process of transforming a traditional society into a modern one

  • Urbanisation - the development of towns and cities

  • Revolution - a rapid transformation or change in something

  • Evolution - a slow or gradual change in something

  • Factory system - a system of producing goods using machinery operated by unskilled labour

Terms of the Industrial revolution

More terms of the industrial revolution

  • Economic - relating to wealth and money

  • Social - relating to living conditions and the treatment of people

  • Political - relating to the manner in which societies are governed

More terms of the industrial revolution