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ATIS Policy Management Standards PowerPoint Presentation
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ATIS Policy Management Standards

ATIS Policy Management Standards

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ATIS Policy Management Standards

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  1. ATIS Policy ManagementStandards James McEachern, NA Standards Director, GENBAND Global Standards Collaboration (GSC) GSC-15

  2. Overview of ATIS Policy Management (PM) • ATIS launched the PM Focus Group of the Technology and Operations (TOPS) Council of the Board in June 2009. • Business-driven methodology • Provider-driven Use Cases • Requirements derived from Use Cases • Standards Landscape Analysis • Action Plan • Assessment and recommendations completed in June 2010.

  3. Policy Management – Problem Statement • Policy interworking between domains is necessary for service providers to offer consistent services to users independent of access technology, or access service provider. • Current policy standards have independent, divergent approaches for fixed access, mobile access, transport, border control and Home Networking. Lack of convergence has capital expenditures (CAPEX) and operational expenditures (OPEX) implications, and impedes service velocity.

  4. Policy Management – Problem Statement • Growing data volumes highlights the need for policy to maximize effective use of resources. • User’s in-home networks are increasingly complex, but decoupled from Service Provider policies.

  5. Current Activities • 3GPP Policy Charging and Control (PCC) increasingly provides reference for policy architectures. • Activity underway to define policy interworking (e.g., 3GPP/BBF workshop and joint work). • Ongoing enhancements to 3GPP PCC architecture. • ATIS Packet Technologies and Systems Committee (PTSC) study of converged policy architectures.

  6. HNET Policy Framework Home Network (IP based) Application Function Interface for operator’s dynamic / provisioned policies Access Network Access Edge PDP User policy preferences for outbound traffic e.g. available via DLNA Policy Administration & DB Access GW Access Edge PEP Provisioned Policies Administration via O&M Integrated Gateway Access Connected Devices Residential Access Gateway (GW) Home Devices Service Provider Controlled Potentially Managed by Service Provider Service Provider Control

  7. Strategic Direction • Policy interworking between domains is being addressed => starting point is 3GPP PCC. • Converged policy architecture is important strategic direction, but need consensus on timing. • Optional policy management for user’s in-home networks. • Initial focus on policy management for network resources, moving to policy management focused on applications as next step.

  8. Next Steps/Actions Ongoing policy interworking definition is underway. Requirements and specifications for converged policy architecture is being studied by ATIS. Study of requirements for Application-focused policy management is planned.