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  1. ABOUT US • Only 4 km away from the 2000-years-old town of Trogir and 12 km from Split Airport, you will find the TROGIR DIVING CENTER in a beautiful cove. Equipped with state-of-the-art diving equipment, the Center is located in the small tourist resort of Okrug Gornji, right by the sea. • Miše family established the TROGIR DIVING CENTER 25 years ago. While Miki is an experienced CMAS diving instructor, his wife Angela is in charge of the paperwork, correspondence and bookings. • We are proud to say we have beaten time because, after 20 years with you, dear divers, we have managed to preserve the tradition of diving and spending time with you at the TROGIR DIVING CENTER.

  2. DIVING CENTER • The diving base surrounded by greenery is situated in a beautiful cove right by the sea, in the immediate vicinity of the apartments that are also included in our offer. • The diving center also has a comfortable classroom where we teach in Croatian, English and German. On the opposite side of the classroom is the information office providing information not just about diving, but about other benefits during your stay as well (excursions, rent-a-car, where to eat, town highlights…).

  3. DIVING CENTER - BOATS • We own 4 boats – 10 m long capacities 12-15 passengers. Our boats take divers for half-day and daylong diving trips every day. You can also dive in the cove, directly outside the diving center where we do discovery dive, check dive and diver training, and you are guaranteed to see a seahorse, a very rare animal.

  4. DIVING CENTER - EQUIPMENT We have 80 sets of diving equipment made by renowned manufacturers, ensuring comfort and safety. The equipment is kept in one of our rooms, but we also have a special storage room for guests’ equipment. We have 2 pools where you can wash and dry your equipment before you store it. In the compression station are 3 silent compressors made by the renowned German company Bauer, having capacities between 450 and 550 l/min and always ensuring sufficient amounts of high-quality air. We have 120 tanks. The tanks have capacities of 10, 12 and 15 liters, and we are able to load up to 300 bars.

  5. DIVING CENTER - RESTAURANT In addition, the center has a special offer – our tavern. We offer breakfast, lunch and dinner there, so you will be able to enjoy homemade Dalmatian specialties prepared by our hostess and proficient cook Angela.

  6. DIVING SITES The diving sites (more then 30) are only 15-80 minutes from our center by boat. These are also the most beautiful locations in Central Dalmatia, especially the area around the Island of Šolta and the south side of the Island of Čiovo. It is interesting to know that these very sites around the Island of Šolta used to be under military protection and diving was prohibited in the area.

  7. UNDERWATER While diving, you will be able to enjoy the colorful walls overgrown with all kinds of corals, sponges, gorgonian (yellow and, very rare red gorgonian), caves, wrecks and rich flora and fauna of the perfectly clean Adriatic. 

  8. UNDERWATER As for the wildlife, you can see everything the Mediterranean has to offer here: shark, dogfish, grouper, lobster, octopus and all kinds of mollusk, conger eel, stone bass, all kinds of snails...

  9. OUR OFFER - diving excursions - discovery dive - diving courses - snorkeling trips - rent a boat ...

  10. CONTACT You can contact us by e-mail, telephone and fax. “TROGIR DIVING CENTER” tel.: / fax: 00 385 21 88 62 99 Pod Luku 1 mob.: 00 385 98 31 13 96 21223 Okrug Gornji mob.: 00 385 91 11 25 111 CROATIA e – mail: