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The Education Job Search

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The Education Job Search. Fall 2010 Keith Munson Career Specialist Strommen Career & Internship Center Anderson Hall, 23 612-330-1148. Agenda. Tips for preparing materials. It takes time! 6-9 months to find a job Searching is like a full-time job

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the education job search

The Education Job Search

Fall 2010

Keith Munson

Career Specialist

Strommen Career & Internship Center

Anderson Hall, 23


tips for preparing materials
Tips for preparing materials

It takes time!

6-9 months to find a job

Searching is like a full-time job

Need to create unique tailored materials

purpose of a resume
Purpose of a Resume?
  • To promote yourself – is your marketing tool to school districts
  • Generate interest in talking with you.
  • The purpose of a resume is NOT to get you a job… but to get you an INTERVIEW!!!!
  • NOT the whole story.
resume tips
Resume Tips

Invest the time and energy

Have it critiqued

Create something that represents you

Sell your skills!

Continuous process

Keep the audience in mind

Use formatting to make important information stand out

personal information heading
Personal Information/Heading

Full Name should be displayed boldly and larger than the rest of the text

Include full address, phone number and email address

Should spell out all abbreviated words

Use a professional email address and have professional message on your phone


Include your degree, college major, expected graduation as well as the city and state of your college

Can include GPA, Honors and Awards, Study Abroad, and any relevant coursework in this section if you wish

Include any other post-high school experiences if you received a degree from that school


This comes after the Education Section because schools will want to see it

They will know you will not have it yet – just put when it is expected or that it is pending

student teaching
Student Teaching

Most relevant, so it comes next

Include grade level, school name, city, state and the dates

write effective skill phrases
Write Effective Skill Phrases
  • Skill phrases are action statements that describe your experiences.
  • Components of a skill phrase
    • Bullet point
    • Action verbs in the past-tense
    • Specific skill that was learned or honed
    • Results of your work, or how or why you did the work.
  • Avoid personal pronouns when writing skill phrases
skill phrase example
Skill Phrase Example


  • Created lesson plans


  • Created original lesson plans surrounding the book “The Giver”


  • Created constructivist lesson plans that utilized cooperative learning to discuss concepts in Lois Lowry’s book, “The Giver”
important topics to cover
Important Topics to Cover:

Implementing your own lesson plans

Working with different learning styles and diverse students

Collaborating with parents and managing student behavior

Curriculum development

related teaching experience
Related Teaching Experience

Same format as student teaching

Describe additional experience working with children to teaching

classroom skills
Classroom Skills

List any special skills you have that could add to your teaching and classroom experience

Examples: computer skills, languages, musical skills, art skills, and coaching

other sections
Other Sections

You will want to add any other sections that highlight your well-rounded abilities and interests

Examples: Volunteer Experiences, Additional Involvement, and Other Work Experience

create a professional image
Create a Professional Image
  • Be honest—no lying or exaggerations
  • Use easy to read fonts and layouts
  • Avoid too many graphics, fancy fonts, self-portraits
  • Be consistent
  • Look at it from an employer’s perspective, is it visually appealing and professional?
  • 1 full page or 1.5-2 full pages
  • Print on white or neutral colored resume paper
what is a cover letter
What is a Cover Letter?

A marketing piece that highlights your most important qualifications AS THEY RELATE TO THAT SPECIFIC POSITION OR DISTRICT

Tool to get the employer to read your resume

Demonstrates your writing ability

cover letter tips
Cover Letter Tips

Tailor to each position; NO GENERIC LETTERS

Make them feel like you care about their district and the job

Really answer the question-why should I hire you?

Remember back to your English classes

Have it critiqued! Spelling/grammatical errors will get you in the “no” pile

basic guidelines
Basic Guidelines

Should always accompany a resume even when not requested

Needs to be well-written and in a professional tone

Do not start all of your sentences with “I”

Customize each letter with a job description of the organization you are applying for


Can/should match heading on resume

Your address, date, employer address


  • Indicate the position you are applying for and how you came to learn about the position
  • State why you are interested in the position
  • Why this organization?
    • Demonstrates genuine interest
    • Catches their attention
middle section
Middle Section

Highlight your experience as it relates to the position

Provide them with the key skills you have that are mentioned in the job description

Be specific about how your achievements and education have prepared you for the position


Reiterate your interest in the position and thank them

Ask for an interview

State YOUR follow up

a note about credential files
A note about credential files:
  • Self managed
  • Include:
    • Education Credentials Cover Sheet
    • Standard cover letter/letter of application
    • Resume
    • Application
    • Copies of letters of recommendation (usually 3)
    • Student teaching evaluations
    • Copy of teaching license (if available)
    • Copy of official transcript (available from Registrar’s Office for a nominal fee)
  • Every district may have different instructions on how to submit-FOLLOW DIRECTIONS
  • Every district may have different definition of “Credential File”-FOLLOW DIRECTIONS.
tips to effective networking
Tips to Effective Networking

It’s all about making connections

Remember that it is win-win

Need to follow up and keep in touch!

Obtain 2-3 referrals from each contact

Send a thank-you note

Make networking a life-long activity

who s in your network
Who’s in your Network?

Family & friends, friend of family

Student/Cooperating Teachers




Contacts from professional organizations, church, or social clubs

Contacts from career fairs

finding jobs online
Finding Jobs Online

Augpost (Ed Post) (WECAN, WI)

quick tips to online job searching
Quick Tips to Online Job Searching

Find school districts you are interested in

Bookmark them right to the HR page

Check 1 or 2 times per week for new openings


Set up job search agents

A lot of websites have these

district applications
District Applications
  • Devote the time to your application (hours…)
  • Start with districts you are most interested
  • Answer genuinely/Put thought into the questions that you answer
  • Do not put “See Resume” or simply repeat info in resume
  • Can send follow-up letter and resume later if position becomes available
  • Follow-up is key!
  • Utilize jargon throughout to ensure you get pulled in a keyword search (read the job description)
  • Save it all in a word doc and copy and paste in if you can
  • Check your spelling!

Be prepared!

Behaviorally Based and Hypothetical Questions

Provide concrete, professional examples

Attend Interviewing Workshop

Practice with a Career Specialist

  • Documented evidence of teaching skills and achievements
  • Hard copy works best in an interview
    • Use as an aid
    • Lesson plans, evaluations, resume, cover letter, activities, and awards
standing out
Standing Out

Check and recheck materials

Complete applications entirely and on time

Highlight experiences that make you different

Avoid templates

Passion and energy in materials/interviews

Letters of reference/recommendation

Involvement in other activities

Tailor all materials to each position-RESEARCH

professional image
Professional Image








mn education job fair
MN Education Job Fair


April 11, 2011

Minneapolis Convention Center1301 Second Avenue SouthMinneapolis, MN  55403

2011 ed fair
2011 Ed Fair
  • Fair Set Up
    • On site interviews and district booths
    • 89 Districts attended in 2010
  • How to register
    • Early registration earns price break!
      • $15.00 early registration
      • $30.00 at the door
    • Register in the Strommen Career & Internship Center
    • More Information
write these down
Write these down.......