English 12 may 29
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English 12 – May 29. What is the most fun thing you did over the long weekend?. Agenda. Announcements: Turn in your books Buy Prom Tickets Last day to pass Level 5s, QSRs, etc is June 1 st Last day to pass your senior project is June 8 th Objectives:

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English 12 may 29

English 12 – May 29

What is the most fun thing you did over the long weekend?


  • Announcements:

    • Turn in your books

    • Buy Prom Tickets

    • Last day to pass Level 5s, QSRs, etc is June 1st

    • Last day to pass your senior project is June 8th

  • Objectives:

    • To begin thinking about your personal legend

    • To reflect on your past experiences to see how they impact your choices for the future

  • Due today:

    • Nothing 

  • Homework:

    • None 

  • Agenda:

    • Let’s talk about the future

Where do you see yourself in 5 10 20 yrs
Where do you see yourself in 5, 10, 20 yrs?

  • On the same piece of paper, answer the above questions.

  • Be specific.

    • For example: In five years I see myself having graduated from college with a major in political science. I will have a job working for the government. I plan on living in Miami because I think the weather is more enjoyable than the PNW and they also have the top program for forensics which is what I really want to do.

How are you going to make this happen
How are you going to make this happen?

  • What are you going to have to accomplish in the next five years to make your plan happen?

  • Who is going to help you become successful?

    • For example: Graduate from college

      • I will have to take at least 15 credits a quarter to graduate in four years

      • I will have to achieve at least a 3.0 scholarship to keep my financial aid and scholarships

      • I will have to complete summer internships so that I can network with people who can help me in the future.


  • How do you plan on paying for all your future plans?

    • Are your parents going to help you out?

      • How will this affect your choices?

    • Loans

      • How are you going to pay back loans if you take them out?

    • Saving money

      • Can you start doing this now?


  • What risks are you willing to take to make sure you become successful?

    • For example:

      • Would you spend your life savings to start up your dream business?

  • What risks are you unwilling to take?

  • How do you make these decisions?


  • Do you plan on remaining friends with your group from Eastlake?

    • If so, what is this going to look like?

    • How can you balance old friendships while meeting new people?

Millennium branding
Millennium Branding

  • “Soft Skills Still Outweigh Education in Entry-Level Hires: Infographic”

    • Review the infographic online and then answer the following questions:

      • How important are internships to employers?

      • What kind of internships might you be able to apply for in the next few years?

      • Are you going to be able to afford to take an unpaid internship? If so, how? If not, what are some other options you have or how can you start planning to make an unpaid internship work for you?

      • What are some other important factors in hiring entry level employees and how do these factors relate to you (what should you focus on in college or the next few years)?


Final project
Final Project

  • Download and read the assignment sheet.

    • You will have the rest of the class period today, Thursday, Monday and Wednesday to work on this.

    • Due date: The beginning of class on Friday, June 8th