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DeSoto County Schools Department of Finance & Technology

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DeSoto County Schools Department of Finance & Technology. Apple iOs Device/Cart Manager Training Friday, 8-31-2012 Shelby Elmore, Chad Everett, Stacey Moultrie Classroom Technology Specialists. I.What is an iOs ?.

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desoto county schools department of finance technology

DeSoto County SchoolsDepartment of Finance & Technology

Apple iOs Device/Cart Manager Training

Friday, 8-31-2012

Shelby Elmore, Chad Everett, Stacey Moultrie

Classroom Technology Specialists

i what is an ios
I.What is an iOs?

iOs devices are made by Apple. Apple’s Operating System is called the iOs. It is the equivalent to Microsoft Windows being the Operating System for PC’s.

guidelines and standards
Guidelines and Standards…

Setting up iPads

  • Contact CTS for Wireless setup.
  • Only run a District-Generated iTunes Account from this point forward.
  • There are 2 different setup scenarios: Standalone & Cart.
  • Never use the DCS_Guest Wifi Account! This account is not accessible and will likely be used for BYOD in the future.

iTunes Accounts

  • Must be District-Generated through the Gmail account created by the Finance Department.
  • PSAT carts and a few other district carts have been set up with a generic account and can remain unchanged at this time.
due dates for app request forms
Due Dates for App Request Forms

The bookkeeper needs a list of approved Apps with prices by the following dates:

August 31*

November 30

February 18

April 29

The August 31st Due Date is being pushed to September 7th.

Even Free Apps need to be added to your Request Form so that a record of what is being installed is on each device.

getting apps for those devices
Getting Apps For Those Devices

Syncing Schedule

September 17-21

December 17 & 18

March 4-8

May 20-24

**Syncs are MANDATORY, but flexibility will be given on these timeframes.

A CTS is available to help you anytime.

Steps to Get Apps

  • Teacher chooses apps
  • Teacher submits an App Request Form to the App Committee
  • App Committee meets and reaches a consensus on apps that will be purchased making sure purchases are maximizing the VPP Discount.
  • App Committee sends approved App List to Program Facilitator (aka-School Bookkeeper).
  • Bookkeeper completes purchasing process and delivers Voucher Code(s) to Device/Cart Managers.
app committees
App Committees

Hopefully, the Device/Cart Manager is on the App Committee and can provide their input on App Purchases.

Ideally, representatives would include all teachers who utilize the iPads in their instructional time.

old apps no problem
Old Apps? No Problem!

Previously Purchased Apps will be able to remain provided that…

  • Principal deems the App educationally appropriate.
  • There is a history report showing where the app was purchased in the account.
  • Each app has a separate license for each device which it’s installed.

(**given the amount of apps that may have been purchased with a single license and pushed to multiple devices, we will work with you to bring these into compliance.)


iPad Setup Guidelines for Student Use:

  • Designate ONE computer for syncing purposes.
  • Do not tie the iTunes Account to ANY personal credit card.
  • YouTube, Installing Apps, Deleting Apps and In-App Purchases
  • Make sure to ENABLE LOCATION SERVICES and utilize the “Find My iPad . Step-by-step instructions for this can be found
  • here
basic setup of devices
Basic Setup of Devices

Same Restrictions:


  • Go to Settings>General and select Restrictions
  • Students do not need access to the following: Youtube, Installing Apps, Deleting Apps, and In-App Purchases.
  • This means the only way to add an app is to sync it to the designated computer.
  • Free Find My iPad
  • Location services must be enabled.
  • You will use the gmail account to set this up.
  • Find My iPad Setup Demo:
  • iPad Tutorials:
administrator teacher devices
Administrator/Teacher Devices

Please adhere to the Acceptable Use Policy regarding use of District Owned Devices and Software.

device cart procedures with a designated macbook
Device/Cart Procedures with a designated MacBook

Apple Configurator Tool: Overview

Apple Configurator Tool: Supervise

Apple Configurator Tool Manual


Basic HousekeepingWhat is expected of a Device/Cart Manager

Adding Apps from Previous Accounts

Setting up Multiple Users on a MacBook

Keeping Account Information Secure

Retrieving App and Book/Music Purchase History


Adding Apps from Previous Accounts

On the iPad, open the APP Store

Scroll down and choose SIGN OUT

Once you have signed out, sign in using the account previously used for iTunes.

Once you have signed in, choose the NOT ON THIS IPAD option at the top.

All of the apps purchased using the previous account should appear and you can choose and install from those.

Be sure and sign out of that account before purchasing additional apps.



Adding Multiple Users to a Mac**cart situations**

  • 1 Pull down to “System Preferences” from the Apple Menu Bar and click to open the window. Alternately, you can click on the Mac “System Preferences” icon if it resides in the Dock of your computer.
  • 2 Locate the “System” pane, and click on the “Accounts” icon to open it.
  • 3 Unlock the padlock icon at the bottom left corner of the window to make changes. When the “Authenticating” window opens, enter your original administrator’s password. You will now have access to the User Accounts’ preferences.
  • 4 Locate the + (plus) icon above the padlock icon and click on it. A new account window will open.
  • 5 Enter the particulars of the new user account: name, short name, password for this new user, and verify. Entering a recommended password hint will remind the user of the password if he forgets it.
  • 6 Check off the "Administrator" box if you do not wish the new user access to make changes to the system settings or administrator account.
  • 7 Click on the “Create Account” button.
  • 8 Click the red button on the upper left hand corner of the window to quit. The new user can now log in.

Keeping Account Info. Secure

Never give your password to students.

Never use a personal credit card or iTunes gift card to purchase apps for district-owned devices.

Remember to check that you are using the DISTRICT OWNED ACCOUNT before making any purchases in the APP STORE.

REMEMBER: APPS purchased for District Devices become DISTRICT PROPERTY.



get the Purchase History from iTunes for:


Books & other items


Retrieving iTunes Purchase History


Books & other items

be patient
  • Give your Bookkeeper or Dept. Leader time to process your order in the Volume Purchase Store.
  • Allow time for Apple to process the orders once they are received.
  • Call your Classroom Technology Specialist for help if you need it!
this tutorial has been brought to you by
This tutorial has been brought to you by...

Shelby Elmore

Chad Everett

Stacey Moultrie

(c) 2012


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