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By Dr. Sadiq M. Sait Director, Information Technology Center PowerPoint Presentation
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By Dr. Sadiq M. Sait Director, Information Technology Center

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By Dr. Sadiq M. Sait Director, Information Technology Center - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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KFUPM-Japanese University/Industry Collaboration: A quick tour of possibilities at KFUPM Presented at Japan Cooperation Center for the Middle East (JCCME). By Dr. Sadiq M. Sait Director, Information Technology Center Professor, Computer Engineering Department

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Presentation Transcript

KFUPM-Japanese University/Industry Collaboration: A quick tour of possibilities at KFUPMPresented atJapan Cooperation Center for the Middle East (JCCME)


Dr. Sadiq M. Sait

Director, Information Technology Center

Professor, Computer Engineering Department

King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals

Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

17th January, 2006

talk outline
Talk Outline
  • Part I: About KFUPM
  • Part II Research in College of Computer Sciences & Engineering
  • Part III: University–Industry Collaboration via Science Park
  • Discussion
about kfupm
  • King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals (KFUPM), was officially established by a Royal Decree in 1963. It is an autonomous institution administratively attached to the Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE)
  • The University is located in Dhahran, about 20 Kilometers from Dammam in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia
  • The University offers Undergraduate, Master and Doctoral Programs in various fields of Engineering, Sciences, Business Administration, Accounting and Management Information System, and Master of City & Regional Planning Program
  • The University offers UnderGraduate/Graduate Programs in 21 disciplines in the above majors
academic organizations
Academic Organizations
  • It has the following six Academic Colleges:
    • College of Computer Sciences & Engineering
    • College of Engineering Sciences
    • College of Applied Engineering
    • College of (Basic) Sciences
    • College of Environmental Design, and
    • College of Industrial Management
computing facilities itc
Computing Facilities & ITC
  • The University’s Information Technology Center (ITC) is the primary facility at KFUPM that provides computing support for education, research, and administrative applications to the University community
  • In addition, the University has 10s of PC labs and state-of-the-art computing facilities (such as Sun Workstations, Solaris lab, NEXT Machines, Java Stations, etc.)
research facilities
Research Facilities
  • The University has a modern Library:
    • It has online access to more than 400 International Databases
    • Over 350,000 volumes of books and periodicals
    • Approximately 25,000 films, cassettes, and other media items
    • A research report collection comprising more than 486,000 microfiche
  • KFUPM has also a Research Institute, which is actively engaged in contract research with industry and governmental agencies
  • The University maintains an extensive textbook acquisition system to ensure that only the latest books are used in teaching
  • Faculty (regular/adjunct) is multinational (from over 40 countries)
  • The medium of instruction is English
  • Teaching methods, curricula, and administration are largely designed in accordance with reputable international standards
  • Our programs are accredited by ABET/EC2000 & AACSB
  • Other facilities such as Cafeteria, Clinic, Recreation Center are also available in the University to serve the Community (a university town)
on campus services
On-Campus Services
  • Central Services
    • Projects & Maintenance
    • Housing & Office services
    • KFUPM Press & Educational Aids
    • Food services
    • KFUPM Medical Center
    • Safety & Security Department
    • Administrative services
    • Recreational facilities
graduate programs
Graduate Programs
  • Deanship of Graduate Studies at KFUPM offers Graduate Programs leading to:
    • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
    • Master of Science (MS)
    • Master of Engineering (ME)
    • Master of City & Regional Planning (M.C.R.P.)
    • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
    • Master of Accounting (M.Acct)
    • Master of Medical Physics (M. Med. Phys)
    • Master of Environmental Sciences (M. Env. Sci)
    • Master of Science in Geosciences (M. Sc. in Geos)
    • Master of Geosciences (M. Geos)
graduate admission support
Graduate Admission Support
  • All admitted graduate students (satisfying a certain criteria) receive the following benefits:
    • Free tuition
    • A monthly stipend to cover living expenses
    • Subsidizedmeals in the University cafeteria
    • Essential medical care
    • Free furnished air conditioned bachelor housing
    • Free textbooks
    • Support for Conference Attendance
    • A prepaid air passage for initial travel to Dammam at the start of the contract. and return ticket after his completion of the Degree
    • An opportunity to participate along with the University faculty in the Research and Book-writing Projects funded by the University
computer engineering faculty
Computer Engineering Faculty
  • 20 Professorial Rank faculty members
    • 2 Full Professor
    • 2 Associate Professor
    • 16 Assistant Professor
  • 6 lecturers
coe research areas
COE Research Areas
  • Data Communications & Computer Networks
  • Computer Applications: Robotics, Interfacing, Data acquisition, Machine learning, Data Mining
  • Digital Design Automation & VLSI System Design & Test
  • Computer Architecture & Parallel Processing
  • Computer Arithmetic & Cryptography
current research projects data communications networks
Current Research Projects: Data Communications & Networks
  • Wireless Multi-hop Voice over IP over WiFi using Client-Server UDP (user datagram protocol)
  • Mobile Patient using sensor network
  • Wireless Local Area Networks Integration for Mobile Networks Operators
  • Radio Resource Management and QoS Control for Wireless Integrated Services Networks
  • Engineering Modern Iterative Heuristics to Solve Hard Computer Network Design Problems
current research projects computer applications
Current Research Projects: Computer Applications
  • Design  of  a  wireless  safety  system  for  smart kitchen
  • Predicting log properties from seismic data using abductive networks
  • Design of an Intelligent Tele-robotic System
  • Designing and building a mobile emergency warning system for patients under health care
  • Context aware energy  management system
current research projects da vlsi system design test
Current Research Projects: DA, & VLSI System Design & Test
  • Parallelization of Iterative Heuristics for Low Power VLSI Standard Cell Placement using Cluster of PCs
  • Efficient Test Relaxation Based Static Test Compaction Techniques for Combinational and Sequential Circuits
  • Efficient Data Compression Techniques for Testing SoCs
  • Segmented Addressable Scan Architecture for Effective Test Data Compression
  • Multi-objective Finite State Machine Encoding using Non-Deterministic Evolutionary Algorithms targeting area, low power and testability
  • Design and Implementation of Scalable Interconnect Efficient LDPC Error Correcting Codes
relationship to r d
Relationship to R&D
  • COE Department has faculty experienced in VLSI Design
  • Two books in the area of iterative algorithms and VLSI Design have been authored by the department faculty
  • The Technology Center being proposed in RI will have the state-of-art tools and equipment
  • Faculty and students currently interested in HPC and parallelization of heuristics can work together to address industrial and real-world problems
other coe research projects
Other COE Research Projects
  • Computer Arithmetic & Cryptography
    • High-Performance Arithmetic for Cryptographic Applications
    • Design of efficient integrated circuits for the inverse computation in different finite fields
    • Design of Elliptic Curve Cryptography Architectures using parallel multipliers
    • Secure reliable storage system
    • Design, Analysis, and FPGA prototyping of High-Performance Arithmetic for Cryptographic Applications
information and computer science faculty
Information and Computer Science Faculty
  • 25 Professorial Rank faculty members
    • 1 Full Professor
    • 5 Associate Professors
    • 19 Assistant Professors
  • 2 PhD. Holders
    • 1 Instructor
    • 1 Lecturer
ics research projects
ICS Research Projects
  • Operating Systems
    • Natural Language Voice Interface for Controlling Audio-Video equipment
    • Multi-agent based eCommerce as an integration technology for the next generation Web
  • Software Engineering
    • Investigating Design Quality Characteristics for Refactoring and Refactoring To Patterns Using Software Metrics
    • Measuring Architectural Stability in Object Oriented Systems
other ics research projects
Other ICS Research Projects:
  • Education and eLearning
    • Building Computer-Adaptive Testing Using Reinforcement Learning
    • Critical thinking skills in Computer Science curriculum
    • Technology-Based Education in KFUPM
  • Database Systems
    • Integrating XML documents
    • Query optimization in XML databases
  • Computer Algorithms
    • Two-way linear probing with reassignments
    • Limit laws for sums of functions of sub-graphs of random graphs.
embedded system design
Embedded System Design
  • The main research components here will require skills in HW/SW Co-Design (since embedded controllers are implemented as mixed systems, HW for performance and SW for flexibility)
  • Phases of design can be basically reduced to constrained NP-hard optimization problem
  • Expertise is available in partitioning, co-design, OS, HW Design, Optimization, etc.
  • Mission of the University
  • Strategic Plan of KFUPM Science Park
  • Progress and Status
mission of the university
Mission of the University

A Balance between three key elements:

  • Generation of new knowledge
  • Passing on this knowledge to future generations
  • Serving the needs of industry (business) and community
methods for supporting knowledge based business
Methods for Supporting Knowledge-Based Business
  • Science Cities
  • Technopolis
  • High Technology Industrial Parks
  • Science & Research Parks
  • Business Incubators
plan of kfupm science park
Plan of KFUPM Science Park
  • The Vision of the Park
  • The Mission of the Park
  • Objectives
  • Science Park Site
  • Benefits to KFUPM
  • Benefits to Tenants (Japanese Companies)
  • Success Factors
vision of the park
Vision of the Park

To make a significant contribution to the wealth & welfare of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through the development of knowledge-based companies

Keywords: Closer ties and enduring links between academia and industry

mission of the park
Mission of the Park
  • To develop a financially self-sustaining entity at KFUPM
  • Development of an entrepreneurial culture
  • Provision of space in the incubator and science park, and creation of self-sustaining facilities
  • Providing an opportunity for national and Int’l organizations to enhance their business opportunities in the field of petroleum and IT
  • Utilizing the Kingdom’s industrial and market strengths in Petroleum and IT sector
  • Commercialization of University research
  • Providing incubator programs to young Saudis, and promoting emerging small-businesses
modes of participation in science park
Modes of Participation in Science Park
  • Single-unit building
  • Multi-tenant building
  • Incubator building
chronology of events
Chronology of Events
  • KFUPM Science Park Project Committee Formed: 19/05/2002
  • Conceptual Plan Prepared: 15/09/2002
  • Foundation Stone by HRH Prince Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz: 20/10/2002
  • Project Awarded for Layout/Infrastructure Planning: 09/04/2003
  • Schlumberger Building Construction Ending: 01/10/2005
  • Incubator Program Launched: 01/06/2005
  • Intel to Open a Technology Center at KFUPM: 01/02/2006
what is in there for kfupm
What is in there for KFUPM?
  • Joint research projects
  • Sharing of university laboratories
  • Custom-designed courses for tenants
  • Tenant staff in graduate programs
  • Adjunct appointments of industry experts in the University
benefits to tenant firms
Benefits to Tenant Firms
  • Tenant companies can have a significant point of presence in the oil producing region
  • Tenant companies can enhance their business opportunities in the region
  • Availability of a skilled work-force pool from the student body, faculty members, and researchers
  • Opportunity for commercial deployment of University’s intellectual property
  • Access to the University’s facilities, i.e., research facilities, library, computer center, etc
critical success factors
Critical Success Factors
  • Planning, leadership, commitment, & involvement of everyone, for the effective implementation of the plan
  • Close interaction between the tenant firms and the University
  • A clear management structure, with a Park Manager appointed at an early stage
  • Preference to companies in all areas of strength of the University (such as Petroleum, IT, and others)
progress status
  • What to Expect?
  • Major Companies Involved in KFUPM
  • Current and potential tenants of Science Park
what to expect
What to Expect?
  • University will be surrounded by some of the world’s leading technology companies
  • Industry participation in academia
  • The University will build on its current strengths due to proximity with industry
  • Research & teaching programs will concentrate on modern high-technology
major companies collaborating with kfupm
Major Companies Collaborating with KFUPM
  • Saudi Aramco
  • Schlumberger, USA
  • Japan Cooperation Center Petroleum
  • Ciba, Switzerland
  • Others
international companies in kasp
International Companies in KASP
  • Schlumberger (Construction is nearing completion)
  • CIBA Specialty Chemicals, Switzerland
  • Japan Cooperation Council for Petroleum
  • Intel/KFUPM agree to open a technology center
  • Letters of Intent received:
    • Cytec, The Netherlands
    • WIPRO, India
    • Institute Francais du Petrole (IFP), France
    • Membrana, Germany
    • DevCorp Int’l, Bahrain
    • Others
proposal for funding finance
Proposal for Funding & Finance
  • Given its ideal location and the explicit returns for the industry, the KASP-KFUPM Company is being formed with participation from:
    • KFUPM
    • Private Investments (Venture Capital)
    • Saudi major companies (Saudi Aramco, SABIC, possibly others)
  • The University would be responsible for establishment of standards for leasing, while the operation, maintenance and construction would be the responsibility of the KASP-KFUPM Company
governance management
Governance & Management
  • For effective management and governance, KASP-KFUPM Company will be formed based on the collaboration between three major parties:
    • University: knowledge and resources
    • Industry: financing and R&D
    • Government: regulations and incentives
  • The Park will be managed as a commercial enterprise by a Park Manager, who heads the management team, and will be overseen by the Board of Directors of KASP-KFUPM
  • The Science Park will provide a platform for exploration and take-off of Japanese businesses
  • University will provide the Land, Infrastructure support, etc., at nominal price
  • Venture Capital and other similar support is available in the Kingdom
  • The park will give the Japanese companies an opportunity to open their businesses to Saudi markets
  • The Science park is a strong statement of KFUPM’s determination to maintain its high standards.
  • The initiative will couple the University with industry, and will create an environment with vast potential for joint technological R&D and enhancement of business opportunities for tenant companies.
  • At the Science-Park, companies conduct research independently for their own motives, by their own researchers, utilizing their own facilities, and may involve University researchers & facilities, without intervention of University
contact info
Contact Info

Dr. Sadiq M. Sait

Member, KFUPM Science Park (KASP) Committee

KFUPM No. 673, Dhahran 31261, Saudi Arabia

Tel: +966 3 860-1099, Fax: +966 3 860 3955