the gift of cfm to families n.
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The Gift of CFM to Families PowerPoint Presentation
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The Gift of CFM to Families

The Gift of CFM to Families

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The Gift of CFM to Families

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  1. The Gift of CFM to Families

  2. CFM Mission • Be doers of the word, and not hearers only James 1:22 “The church speaks clearly of the duties of family members to one another that builds a radiant faith…But the Church doesn’t stop there:it also speaks of the relationships between families and the larger culture, the duty of service, working for the common good, welcoming strangers, and giving voice to the Christian conscience. That is the message: you are the messengers.” Bishop Anthony Pilla, addressing CFM at Oberlin College, August 1995

  3. Christian Family MovementFamily Ministry+ Social Justice

  4. Rick McCord • Secretariat on Family, Laity, Women & Youth for the USCCB • Address to CFM in 1999 at the Fiftieth Anniversary Celebration at Notre Dame • Message: What role can CFM play in the Church in the years to come?

  5. Historical Challenge to the Laity of the United States • Vatican I - How to be Catholic and truly American? • Vatican II - How to be American and truly Catholic?

  6. Rick McCord • 1950’s - Family stability as the starting point for people to transform society • since 1960’s family life has unraveled • Today - Family renewal is itself a work of social renewal

  7. Rick McCord • CFM … part of the Church’s public work and witness to the importance of marriage and family life • CFM has a teaching and theological tradition • CFM fosters disciples

  8. Discipleship • Family life is not a cocoon, but a school of Christian living • Disciples are formed and sent out into the world to transform society • Disciples live their values everyday

  9. Juan Hinojosa • Director of the Hillenbrand Institute • Prominent advisor to the USCCB • Keynote address to CFM in 1999: Mission of CFM in the next 50 years

  10. The two faces of the Church • The Church gathered: in the “structure” • the realm of “formal” spiritual celebration • The Church scattered: in our homes and workplaces • this is where CFM can, does and should operate

  11. Juan Hinojosa CFM’s Charism • that which we are uniquely able to provide, because of talent, history, training or disposition • that which sets us apart from other lay organizations • that which is at the heart of the Movement • that unique gift and calling from God

  12. Charism • How does God want us to use our charism to do His will? • When we actualize our charism, we fulfill God’s will and fulfill ourselves • Fulfillment comes when we put ourselves at God’s service – answering His call • Not choosing what we will but choosing what God wills for us

  13. What is CFM’s Charism? • Lay movement focused on the family • Small group oriented • Family to family • Primarily local, but not neglectful of society and culture • Methodology that empowers the laity to transform self, family, society • Observe, judge & act

  14. What must be recovered? • Theological Basis • The Mystical Body of Christ • Connection to Apostolic Ministry • Social Teachings of the Church • Connection to the Bishops

  15. How does God intend us to use our Charism? • Enable the mission of lay apostles • The vanguard of Christ’s burning concern for the structures, institutions and culture that either promote healthy families or destroys them • Deeply connected to the vine that is Christ and His Church

  16. How Does God intend us to use our Charism? • To transform the world one family at a time • To teach our families how to live their faith in the world • To be Domestic Church - the church of the home • To be Church in the World

  17. The mission of CFM is: • To promote Christ centered marriage and family life • To help individuals and their families to live the faith in daily life • To improve society through actions of love, service, education and example

  18. CFM promotes Christ-centered marriage and family life • Programs • Your Marriage: The Great Adventure • The Covenant Experience • Networking • NACFLM • USCCB

  19. CFM helps individuals and families to live the faith in everyday life • Annual programs • small group meetings - OJA • integration of Church teachings • Special Programs • Everyday Christianity • Mentoring • like to like ministry

  20. CFM seeks to improve society • Lesson of Cardinal Cardijn - Observe the World, Judge in light of Christ’s teaching and then Act to transform the world • Living faith-filled lives • Implementing the social teachings of the church

  21. What will you do with this gift?

  22. Leadership • What is your personal charism? • Ways you can answer God’s call • lead a group • lead a parish CFM organization • help the board with programming & hosting board & Service Team meetings • join the National Board of Directors

  23. Leadership • Take what you have learned and pass it on • Start a new group • Invite others in • “Each one, reach one”

  24. God is counting on YOU . . . And so are we.