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Randolph-Henry High School Auditorium PowerPoint Presentation
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Randolph-Henry High School Auditorium

Randolph-Henry High School Auditorium

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Randolph-Henry High School Auditorium

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  1. Randolph-Henry High School Auditorium Our Beginnings All information comes from old Randolph-Henry annuals and newspapers. Pictures were scanned from those same sources or were provided by various individuals.

  2. Planning Begins At first, there were 8 high schools in Charlotte County. The idea for consolidation began in 1927; ten years were spent in discussion. When Phenix High School was destroyed by fire in 1937, the Charlotte County School Board decided to consolidate.

  3. Money Is raised Charlotte County received a PWA grant of $105,000, the county raised $106,000, and David K. E. Bruce donated $25,000 for a total value of $236,000. Mr. Bruce

  4. Construction begins Construction started October 1938. Work was completed December 1939. However, because of a record snowstorm, school did not begin in buildings until September 1939. Enrollment: 711 students.

  5. A Name is chosen The School Board voted to name the school “Charlotte County High School.” However the students requested to have a say in the naming of the school. The Board agreed and a vote was taken: Randolph was chosen for John Randolph, and Henry was chosen for Patrick Henry. Student Vote from November, 1939: Randolph Henry H. S. (284) Charlotte County H. S. (156) Henry Randolph H. S. (126)

  6. The First Clubs In September of 1939, the chapter of the FFA and the FHA were founded. Mr. H. A. Glenn advised the FFA and the meeting was held at the Village Presbyterian Church. The FFA is still active today.

  7. Our band begins On February 26, 1940, Clyde Duval organized the Band with 6 members.

  8. Our band begins By 1942, the band had grown to 35 and purchased 35 uniforms.

  9. And, the Band Marches!

  10. OUR SCHOOL SONG In addition to starting the band, Mr. Duval also wrote our school song.

  11. The piano is donated by Mr. Bruce A piano class is formed in 1939 under the instruction of Mrs. Lessie Owen. The earliest picture of the piano class from the 1942 annual.

  12. Choral Begins Glee Club is formed in 1939 under the direction of Mrs. Rebecca Paine. The earliest picture of the choral class from the 1942 annual.

  13. As does Theatre Mrs. Frances Milton organized the first theatre club, “Delta Omicron Psi,” who won the Southside Dramatic Tournament cup in 1940 for its presentation of “My Lady’s Lace.” This picture is of Mrs. Elizabeth Priddy who took over in 1941 after Mrs. Milton’s death.

  14. The stage is used The auditorium was used for the first time when the Local Women’s Club sponsored a beauty contest with 91 participants in March 1940. This was followed by a Historical Pageant.

  15. First Senior Gift However, these two shows revealed a need:

  16. The first senior gift

  17. the Auditorium is dedicated On June 10, 1940, the Randolph-Henry High School Auditorium was dedicated.

  18. The first show On January 28, 1941, the first royalty show was performed with the permission of Samuel French: “The Nervous Miss Niles.” Tickets were 35 cents.

  19. Making the NEws By the time the first R-H student-produced paper was formed, the theatre club was making headlines. In 1942, the students recognized the importance of the arts.

  20. And, Even as Randolph-Henry Prospered, so did Central High School.

  21. These are the only known photos to exist of Central High School’s auditorium.

  22. The performing arts were also important to the students of Central High School.

  23. In 1969-1970, Randolph-Henry H. S. and Central high School united.

  24. The foundation has been laid “Faith is for the future. Faith builds on the past but never longs to stay there. Faith trusts that God has great things in store for each of us.” ~Jeffrey R. Holland

  25. The Band • Won its first title at the 1957 Jay Cee Bowl for “Most Outstanding Band.” • Won its first parade in the 1958 4H parade. • Since then, the band has won • Over 100 first place trophies at competitions. • Received all first places at judged Christmas parades for the past 20 years. • The concert band regularly has received and continues to receive ratings of Superior and/or Excellent at state concert band assessments. • Starting with 6 students, today, our band has 40 members and 7 color guard members. It is directed by Mr. Derek Ramsey.

  26. FORENSICS and DEBATE • Forensics won its first tournament in 1958. • Since then R-H has won 24 District Titles and 8 Regional Titles. • Been State Runner Up 3 times. • Been State Champion 2 times. • Had 15 Individual State Champions. • Debate won its first tournament in 1961 • Since then R-H has won 2 state titles. • Today, the forensics team is coached by Mrs. Deborah Ketchum and has 32 team members. The debate team is coached by Miss Regina Nelson and has 7 team members.

  27. Theatre • Won its first title at the Southside Dramatic Tournament cup in 1940. • Since then the theatre has won • 2 State Championships • 3 State Runner’s Up • 4 Regional Championships • 19 District Championships • 1 VTA Runner’s Up • From its beginnings of 8, our theatre classes have grown to 98 students with 38 additional students participating in the after-school program. R-H theatre is directed by Mrs. Deborah Ketchum.

  28. More Theatre(Individual Awards) • 2 State All Star Actors • 10 Region B All Star Actors • 9 JRD Performers of the Year • 2 VTA Performers of the Year • 5 VTA All-Star Actors. • 2 Costume State Champions and 2 Costume State Runner’s Up • 1 Set Design State Champion and 1 Set Design State Finalist. • 5 Playwriting State Champions. • 2 Actors Selected for Governor’s School for the Performing Arts

  29. Building on our past to move into the future The original Lighting Board The original Equipment Room

  30. Our New Light Room

  31. The last performance on the old stage Godspell

  32. The First performance: October 23 The Katrina Project

  33. The skills and confidence that our young people continue to develop in this very auditorium will be taken with them through life.

  34. Our students use what they have learned at R-H to grow in college… Virginia Tech Greensboro College

  35. While performing both on and offstage…. Longwood University Averett College

  36. And growing in many directions. Belmont College Lynchburg College

  37. They represent our county well UVA Lynchburg College

  38. And even receive opportunities to work professionally! On Television In Theatre

  39. As Recording Artists

  40. As Professional Magicians As Performing Artists

  41. For the generosity of the citizens of Charlotte County and the opportunities provided, the students of R-h Thank you!