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Persuasive Techniques

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Persuasive Techniques. Bandwagon . Advertisers make it seem that everyone is buying this product, so you feel you should buy it too. Avant-Garde.

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Advertisers make it seem that everyone is buying this product, so you feel you should buy it too.

avant garde

Advertisers make it seem that the product is so new that you will be the first on the block to have it.


Advertisers use celebrities and regular people to endorse products.

facts and figures
Facts and Figures

Statistics, percentages, and numbers are used to convince you that this product is better or more effective than another product. (Lexus)


The transfer technique wants you to associate the good feelings created in the ad with the product.

weasel words
Weasel Words

Advertisers sometimes use words or phrases that seem significant, but on closer inspection are actually meaningless.


helps, virtually, looks like, fights, and best

the unfinished claim
The Unfinished Claim

Advertisers may intentionally not finish a comparison.


This battery has more power to get the job done right.

More power than what?

the unique claim
The Unique Claim

Many products on the market are nearly identical, so advertisers try to make their product stand out.

the rhetorical claim
The Rhetorical Claim

Advertisers ask rhetorical questions or make statements so that consumers associate certain ideas and emotions with their product.