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LLS Research The Blood Cancer Answer

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LLS Research The Blood Cancer Answer. Deborah E. Banker, Ph.D. VP, Research Communications. Cures are the Answers we Seek. Survival rates have increased 2-4 fold over the last 40 years. The Research Challenge.

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lls research the blood cancer answer

LLS Research The Blood Cancer Answer

Deborah E. Banker, Ph.D.

VP, Research Communications


Cures are the Answers we Seek

Survival rates have

increased 2-4 fold

over the last 40 years

the research challenge
The Research Challenge
  • smaller patient populations → smaller perceived profit potential → smaller corporate investment
  • decreasing federal support since 2004

$27M less to blood cancer research in 2007












Funding, in millions





















LLS Research Funding

Philanthropy →Research → MoreCures

lls funds a range of research
LLS Funds a Rangeof Research

Research Grant Programs

  • Vesting young investigators in blood cancer research
  • Moving discoveries from the lab to the clinic
  • Supporting critical teamwork
  • Therapy Acceleration Program
  • Filling gaps in drug development
  • Expanding access to clinical trials
lls funds a lot of good research
LLS Funds A Lot of Good Research
  • morethan other blood cancer-specific VHAs; $282 million committed to active grants
  • funding around the world
  • almost400 active research projects
  • nearly100 projects involve clinical trials

Advances for patientsNOW!!


LLS Funds Research Answers

$5M in FY09 most relevant to pediatric blood cancers

(~ 20M total commitment)

FY09 Research Funding Distribution


LLS Research Really Works



Gleevec® - FDA approved 2001 for patients with newly diagnosed, chronic phase chronic myeloid leukemia (CML).


LLS Research Really Works

Velcade® -approved by FDA for myeloma patients in 2003.


LLS Research Really Works

Rituxan® - approved by FDA in 1997 for non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL) patients.

lls research really works
LLS Research Really Works

2003 – 2005: Dr.John Byrd and his LLS-funded team showed Rituxan + fludarabine (FR) is effective for newly diagnosed chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) patients.

lls research works for real people
LLS Research Works for Real People

2001: Helen Anbinder diagnosed with CLL.

  • joined LLS support group; volunteers with the Westchester/Hudson Valley chapter
  • she has raised funds to support LLS research – a remarkable $550,000 since 2004!

2008: Helen’s leukemia went active.

  • thanks to LLS and Dr. Byrd and Helen, an effective treatment was ready
  • Helen went into remission and still is today!
lls research keeps working
LLS Research KeepsWorking
  • through the new Therapy Acceleration Program, LLS partners with Memgen on Phase 1clinical trial for CLL patients
  • novel immune-stimulating therapy, with Rituxan+chemotherapy (FCR)
  • two hi-risk patients are now in remission
  • 4 additional sites will soon open
research works
Research Works!

We’re not done until

100% of patients are cured or manage their diseases

with good quality of life.

There is not just one answer and many patients are still waiting for the one they need!


Research and Cancer Answers

  • historic opportunities for more advances
  • urgent need, but too limited support
  • gateway to advances for other patients
  • LLS supporters make answers possible

Thank you!