filter design from adc to incremental adc n.
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Filter design from Σ - Δ ADC to incremental Σ - Δ ADC PowerPoint Presentation
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Filter design from Σ - Δ ADC to incremental Σ - Δ ADC

Filter design from Σ - Δ ADC to incremental Σ - Δ ADC

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Filter design from Σ - Δ ADC to incremental Σ - Δ ADC

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  1. Filter designfrom Σ-Δ ADC to incremental Σ-Δ ADC Donglijun 2013-4-28 TJU ASIC center

  2. index filter design of Σ-Δ ADC filter design of incremental Σ-Δ ADC difference between the two filters

  3. filter design of Σ-Δ ADC • Σ-Δ ADCs are widely used in telecommunication and multimedia applications. • The key property of Σ-Δ ADC • ①to achieve high resolution do not rely on precisely matched analog elements • ②rely on oversampling, noise-shaping and digital post-filtering. • ③can be integrated well into today’s fine line-width CMOS technologies.

  4. filter design of Σ-Δ ADC • Modulators of Σ-Δ ADC push the noise from low frequency rate to high frequency rate. So to achieve high resolution, the key point of Σ-Δ ADC is its digit filter’s suppression of high frequency. • The function of the filter are as follow: • ①filtering • ②decimating • ③coding • There is some parameters • for Σ-Δ ADC filter: • ①decimating rate(D) • ②bandwidth • ③SNR

  5. A normal architecture for Σ-Δ ADC filter

  6. Filter architecture CIC filter FIR filter(half band filter)

  7. Introduction to incremental Σ-Δ ADC • Unfortunately, these classical ΣΔ structures are not well suited for instrumentation and measurement (DC) applications. • Require: • ①very high absolute accuracy and linearity • ②high dynamic range and signal-to-noise ratio • ③Hertz wide bandwidth(nearly DC input)

  8. Filter design for IDC 3 Typical structure of decimation filter • CoI filter • Sinc filter(CIC) • Optimal filter Line frequency noise • S/H and the error of S/H • Periodic noise suppression digit filter Canceling periodic noise

  9. Typical structure for IDC filter • Sinc filter(CIC) • Cascade Integrate Comb • CoI filter • Cascade Of Integrated

  10. Weighting factor and cycle number

  11. Specifications and appropriate architectural solutions

  12. sinc filter → rotated sinc filter

  13. rotated sinc filter

  14. rotated sinc filter • From left to right D=32,64,128 bottom D=128

  15. Design deference between Σ-Δ filter and incremental Σ-Δ filter

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