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Persecuted Christians Worldwide

Persecuted Christians Worldwide. IDOP CANADA - NOVEMBER 2002. IDOP 2002. praying when the family circle is broken. IDOP 2002. IDOP 2002. Praying for those threatened with prison. IDOP 2002. IDOP 2002. Praying for children at risk. IDOP 2002.

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Persecuted Christians Worldwide

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  1. Persecuted Christians Worldwide IDOP CANADA - NOVEMBER 2002

  2. IDOP 2002 praying when the family circle is broken

  3. IDOP 2002

  4. IDOP 2002 Praying for those threatened with prison

  5. IDOP 2002

  6. IDOP 2002 Praying forchildren at risk

  7. IDOP 2002 500 million children in Asia do not have a Bible

  8. IDOP 2002

  9. IDOP 2002 Pray for Christian families surrounded by Muslims

  10. IDOP 2002

  11. IDOP 2002 Millions have died of starvation

  12. IDOP 2002 Pray for hidden believers

  13. IDOP 2002 Pray for pastors under pressure

  14. IDOP 2002 …….forced to learn the Koran

  15. IDOP 2002 ……...living on the garbage dumps…..

  16. IDOP 2002 …….it’s unhealthy here…….

  17. IDOP 2002

  18. IDOP 2002 Pray for widows

  19. IDOP 2002 Pray for Christians under attack

  20. IDOP 2002 ‘….give us this day our daily bread....’

  21. IDOP 2002 ‘…. man shall not live by bread alone….’

  22. IDOP 2002 “God gave me the strength to tell my torturer that I forgave him.” Brother Idris Nalous

  23. IDOP 2002 The Muslims say: “Two mosques for every church.” The Christians say: “Please teach us the Word.”

  24. IDOP 2002

  25. IDOP 2002 Praying for Christian prisoners

  26. IDOP 2002 Pray for Bibles to reach Conflict Zones

  27. IDOP 2002 His neighbour spies on him. The mayor hates him. Just because he opened a church. ‘If one part suffers , every part suffers with it…’ 1 Cor 12:26

  28. IDOP 2002 Pastors have been martyred Christians have been kidnapped The Christians say, ”Our faith is stronger than guns.”

  29. IDOP 2002 …pray for support teams...

  30. IDOP 2002 …pray for ministry teams...

  31. IDOP 2002 …pray for provision of vital Bible study materials...

  32. IDOP 2002 …and Sunday School materials….

  33. Thank you for praying for PERSECUTED CHRISTIANS... IDOP 2002

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