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Welcome to my Presentation On Green Marketing Presented by. Contents. Definition, Why apply Green Marketing, Example, Where apply Green Marketing, Motto, Benefits & Demerits, End. Continued. What is Green marketing?.

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Green Marketing

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  • Definition,

  • Why apply Green Marketing,

  • Example,

  • Where apply Green Marketing,

  • Motto,

  • Benefits & Demerits,

  • End.


What is green marketing

What is Green marketing?

Green marketing refers to the process of selling products & services based on their environment benefits, such a products or service may be environmental friendly in itself or produced & packaged in an environmentally friendly way.

Why apply green marketing
Why apply Green marketing?

People hear & read daily about a growing list of environmental problems such as global warming, acid rain, air & water pollution so people are calling for solution. The new environmentalism has caused many consumers to rethink what product they buy & from whom. People are changing the brand legalistic based on things like a company’s reputation for helping or harming the environment. Consumer attitudes have sparked a major marketing thrust green marketing, the movement by companies to develop & market environmentally responsible product.

Example of green marketing
“Example of green marketing”

McDonald’s provide a good example of green marketing. It used to

purchase Coca-cola syrup in plastic bags but now the syrup is delivered as gasoline is, pumped directly from tank trucks at restaurants. The change saved 68 million pounds of package a year. All napkins, bags, & tray liners in McDonald’s restaurants are made from recycled paper. The size of McDonald's even small change can make a big difference.

Where apply green marketing
Where apply Green Marketing?

The green marketing can be apply in those country where the consumers are green consumers & government in more conscious about an environment. Now green consumers means in the consumers who are more conscious about the environment, while buying a product even green consumers are willing to pay extra amount of money to purchase environmental friendly product . In developed countries green marketing can be apply, in developing countries “like Bangladesh” green marketing is not valid because the environment is not a main issue.

Green marketing motto
Green Marketing motto!

  • The green marketing companies motto is pursue not only environmental cleanup but also pollution prevention. True green work requires companies to practice the three Rs of waste management.

    • Reducing

    • Reusing

    • Recycling waste

Benefit of green marketing
Benefit of Green Marketing!

  • Environmental pollution is reduce such as, acid rain, global warming, water & air pollution.

  • Organization can be benefited by reusing waste thing into production.

  • Size of the companies can be increase because of law production cost.

Demerits of Green marketing!

  • Increase product price because of environmental cost is included while product is pricing

  • The people purchasing power can be less because of higher price.