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Prospect Leicestershire Briefing. charnwoodtogether September 30 th , 2009. Contents. Why we are here Strategy formulation About Prospect Leicestershire Our focus Regeneration Supporting sustainable growth Business enterprise Sub-regional communications

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Prospect leicestershire briefing

Prospect LeicestershireBriefing

charnwoodtogether September 30th , 2009

Contents [email protected]

  • Why we are here

  • Strategy formulation

  • About Prospect Leicestershire

  • Our focus

    • Regeneration

    • Supporting sustainable growth

    • Business enterprise

  • Sub-regional communications

  • Cross-cutting shared services

  • Priorities and challenges

  • 0116 222 3322 [email protected]

    Why we are here
    Why we are here [email protected]

    • Unique alliance between city and county with districts

    • Multi Area Agreement

    • ‘Joining Up’

    • New structure for strategy and delivery

    • Unites regeneration, inward investment and enterprise

    Colton Square, New Business Quarter 0116 222 3322 [email protected]

    Multi area agreement
    Multi Area Agreement [email protected]

    • ‘In 2020 Leicester and Leicestershire aspire to have a prosperous, enterprising and dynamic economy, characterised by innovative businesses and creative people, attractive places and sustainable communities.’ 0116 222 3322 [email protected]

    Strategy formulation
    Strategy formulation [email protected]

    • Leadership Board serviced by strategy and policy groups – through Coordination Group

      • Housing, infrastructure and planning

      • Transport

      • Business and Enterprise

      • Employment and Skills

      • Rural Partnership 0116 222 3322 [email protected]

    Leadership Board [email protected]

    Co-ordination Group

    Recommend for approval

    Employment & Skills Board

    Business & Enterprise Group

    Transport Group

    Housing, Planning & Infrastructure Group

    Leicestershire Rural Partnership

    Technical appraisal and shortlisting

    NGP Project Board

    WNF Programme Board

    ERDF Project Board

    LRP Sub-Group

    Strategic Appraisal

    Support Unit


    Economic Development


    Local Authorities

    Other Partner agencies 0116 222 3322 [email protected]

    Strategy formulation1
    Strategy formulation [email protected]

    • Leadership Board agrees strategy for sustainable economic development

    • Leadership Board directs investment from local, regional and national funds

    • Leadership Board commissions projects to be delivered by Prospect Leicestershire 0116 222 3322 [email protected]

    About prospect leicestershire
    About Prospect Leicestershire [email protected]

    • Founding members City and County

    • Accountable to Leadership Board

    • Seven private, five public sector – HCA and Emda observers

    • £1.2m pa running costs - City, County, Districts, Emda, HCA

    • £15-40m pa capital from public sector sources

    • Company limited by guarantee 0116 222 3322 [email protected]

    Prospect leicestershire s focus
    Prospect Leicestershire’s focus [email protected]

    • Our delivery focus is:

    • Regeneration

    • Supporting sustainable economic growth

    • Business enterprise 0116 222 3322 [email protected]

    The no boundaries proposition
    The ‘No Boundaries’ proposition [email protected]

    Unique city/county partnership gives us a new edge in the inward investment market

    Joined up = easier to do business

    Political alliance = more confidence in stability

    ‘No Boundaries’ - external proposition but also internal challenge

    Used as rallying call to private sector

    Still room to do more… 0116 222 3322 [email protected] 0116 222 3322 [email protected]

    Prospect leicestershire s focus1
    Prospect Leicestershire’s focus [email protected]

    • Our delivery focus is:

    • Regeneration

    • Supporting sustainable economic growth

    • Business enterprise 0116 222 3322 [email protected]

    Regeneration [email protected]

    • City centre master plan refresh

      • Retail circuit

      • New Business Quarter & Science Park

      • Abbey Meadows housing

      • Waterside & St George’s North 0116 222 3322 [email protected]

    Regeneration [email protected]

    • Leicester Business Gateway

      • Combines Station Improvement & NBQ

      • Creates superb new gateway to city

      • Transforms station entrance/ creates new piazza

      • New booking hall, ticket office, passenger facilities

      • Refurbished historic entrance, better taxi, cycle access

      • Improved bus integration and information systems

      • New hotel and residential tower

      • 50,000sq m new offices – 4,000 jobs 0116 222 3322 [email protected]

    Regeneration [email protected]

    • Leicester Cultural Quarter

      • Most challenging area/Needs ‘fine grain approach’

      • Preparing development strategy

      • Potential for creative industries ‘hub’ sparked by major public projects – Depot, Curve, Phoenix Square

      • Encourage workspace supply for creative business

      • Improve public realm and linkages to rest of city

      • Improve signposting and develop quarter identity 0116 222 3322 [email protected]

    Regeneration [email protected]

    • Leicester Waterside

      • 50 hectares to NW of city centre

      • Cut off by ring road. Derelict, vacant, under-occupied

      • Vision is comprehensive residential-led, mixed-use regeneration to create vibrant new city neighbourhood

      • Reunite city centre with the river and surrounding residential areas

      • Increase use of river

      • Improve appearance of area as a gateway to Leicester 0116 222 3322 [email protected]

    Regeneration [email protected]

    • Wolsey Island

      • Major component of Abbey Meadows regeneration

      • Potential for up to 1,800 homes

      • Links Science Park and BUSM sites

      • High potential site between River Soar and Grand Union Canal

      • Area will be transformed into sustainable residential community, range of new homes, foot and cycle bridges 0116 222 3322 [email protected]

    Regeneration [email protected]

    • Market Town regeneration opportunities

      • Preliminary meetings held

      • Significant enthusiasm for Prospect Leicestershire to help with identifying and unlocking regeneration opportunities

      • Loughborough, Coalville – immediate priorities

      • Hinckley, Melton – being worked up

      • Housing, Planning and Infrastructure sub group has key role

      • Resources needed to support developments 0116 222 3322 [email protected]

    Prospect leicestershire s focus2
    Prospect Leicestershire’s focus [email protected]

    • Our delivery focus is:

    • Regeneration

    • Supporting sustainable economic growth

    • Business enterprise 0116 222 3322 [email protected]

    Supporting sustainable economic growth
    Supporting sustainable economic growth [email protected]

    • Joint employment land and workspace investment plan and programme

      • City and county lack adequate land and workspace

      • Public funds not enough to address gaps

      • Public sector must get more proactive to address issues

      • Prospect Leicestershire commissioned to lead partners in five-year programme

        • Increase choice of land and workspace

        • Enable firms to reduce CO2 emissions

        • Provide better estate management service for business occupiers

        • Grow partners’ capital assets and revenue income

        • Act as direct developer as necessary

  • Shared services approach

  • Bringing forward employment land to meet future need

  • 0116 222 3322 [email protected]

    Supporting sustainable economic growth1
    Supporting sustainable economic growth [email protected]

    • High added-value business support services

      • Prospect Leicestershire commissioned to lead study to identify needs of firms in science and technology and creative sectors

      • Plan to meet priority needs

      • Create proposal for innovation hubs for support, incubation and growth

      • Leicester (creative industries) Loughborough (science and technology)

      • Universities as key partners 0116 222 3322 [email protected]

    Supporting sustainable economic growth2
    Supporting sustainable economic growth [email protected]

    • Team to support Sustainable Urban Extensions

      • Prospect Leicestershire commissioned to create peripatetic team for planning and delivery of the five SUEs – providing total 25,000 homes across sub region

      • Core team also able to draw on consultants

      • Flexible and cost-effective solution

      • Coordinated by Hpig group

      • Accountable to local authorities as planning bodies

      • Kitemarked for best practice

      • WHERE ARE THE PRIORITIES FOR HOUSING GROWTH? 0116 222 3322 [email protected]

    Supporting sustainable economic growth3
    Supporting sustainable economic growth [email protected]

    • Leicester Science/Innovation Park

      • On sites either side of National Space Centre

      • Phase 1 – 40,000 sq ft – 530 new jobs over 10 years

      • City council acting as lead body

      • Prospect Leicestershire advising, assisting with funding applications and pushing delivery 0116 222 3322 [email protected]

    Supporting sustainable economic growth4
    Supporting sustainable economic growth [email protected]

    • Market Harborough innovation centre

      • Creates 30,000 sq ft of incubation and grow-on space in environs of town centre

      • Prospect Leicestershire has guided site selection

      • Prospect Leicestershire to act as agent

      • Funding application submitted 0116 222 3322 [email protected]

    Prospect leicestershire s focus3
    Prospect Leicestershire’s focus [email protected]

    • Our delivery focus is:

    • Regeneration

    • Supporting sustainable economic growth

    • Business enterprise 0116 222 3322 [email protected]

    Business enterprise
    Business enterprise [email protected]

    • Inward investment project

      • Raise awareness of Leicester and Leicestershire offer

      • Develop ‘No Boundaries’ proposition

      • Confirm and refine sector opportunities and target messages through research

      • Identify and develop marketing channels

      • Target key sectors with sector-specific marketing messages

      • Launch Advocates programme

      • Build relationships with overseas contacts

      • Upgrade/replace our CRM system.

      • Maintain relationships with strategic local businesses and develop new relationships, providing our support for their intelligence 0116 222 3322 [email protected]

    Inward investment
    Inward investment [email protected]

    • University initiatives

      • 3U4B – successful brand to be extended and developed. Pharmaceutical seminar November. Creative Feb 2010

      • Bespoke resource scoping project to improve university liaison with all private sector partners

      • Developing campus plans with all three universities 0116 222 3322 [email protected]

    Sub regional communications
    Sub-regional communications [email protected]

    • Tell the best-possible story about the new way of determining and delivering economic strategy

    • Prepare project matrix – funding decisions, milestones, outcomes etc

    • Identify lead organisation for each project

    • Agree programme of media releases

    • Develop media protocols

    • Another ‘first’ for sub region 0116 222 3322 [email protected]

    Cross cutting shared services
    Cross-cutting shared services [email protected]

    • Partnership hubs potential

    • Property asset management – first stages

    • Prospect is prime example for economic development shared services – can we go further? 0116 222 3322 [email protected]

    Priorities [email protected]

    • Important to strike balance between city centre and county initiatives

    • Balance between physical regeneration, inward investment and any potential business enterprise initiatives (awaiting strategy)

    • Future proof priorities to reflect partnership aspirations 0116 222 3322 [email protected]

    Opportunities priorities for charnwood
    Opportunities / Priorities for Charnwood [email protected]

    • Facilitating Regeneration and Development Opportunities in Loughborough Town Centre particularly;

    • Eastern gateway

    • Development Sites along inner relief

    • Longer term priorities to strengthen the retail core/circuit

    • Regeneration priority sites around Moor lane and Grand Central

    • Delivery of options for Sustainable Urban Extensions 0116 222 3322 [email protected]

    Opportunities priorities for charnwood1
    Opportunities / Priorities for Charnwood [email protected]

    • 2. Working with Loughborough University

    • Science Park

    • Olympics and other major events

    • 3. Promoting Charnwood - Inward Investment and Place Marketing Propositions 0116 222 3322 [email protected]

    Prospect leicestershire briefing any questions

    Prospect Leicestershire [email protected] – any questions?

    30 September, 2009