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My family

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My family. PowerPoint Presentation. Dante Dai. 1 People . I have one sister and one brother. I have parents ,grandparents ,. There are 3 generations in my family. There are 13 people in my family. two uncles ,three aunts , one sister , one brother . 2 What they look like .

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my family
My family

PowerPoint Presentation

Dante Dai

1 people
1 People

I have onesister and one brother

I have parents ,grandparents ,

  • There are 3 generations in my family

There are 13 people in my family.

  • two uncles ,three aunts ,
  • one sister , one brother
2 what they look like
2 What they look like

My aunt is tall about 172 cm. My grandmother is tall about 168 cm.

This is my grandfather, he is tall, and thin. He has short , white hair.

3 what kind of person are they
3What kind of person are they

My mother and grandparents are kind

My uncle is interesting , my sister is funny

my parents and my brother always share good things with me

My sister visits me twice a week

My aunt and my brother visits me once a month

4 name
4 Name

My family name is Dai

Mother: FangQinlan

Father: DaiChanghua

Because my family name is special.

5 job
5 Job

My mother is a doctor,

They said they like their work

My mother’s company

  • My uncle is a driver
  • My grandparents are teachers

My father is a engineer

  • My parents, uncles, aunts work in XiBaipo Company
  • My parents can get 10,000 RMB every month.year
6 about them learning
6 About them learning

a)My father and my uncle graduated from HeBei University

b)My mother graduated from Military School

c)My father major in physical

My mother major in medicine

My grandmother major in math

My uncle major in chemistry

7 about their hobbies
7 About their hobbies
  • my mother’s hobby is play badminton

my uncle’s hobby is swimming

My aunt’s hobby is cooking


  • Mother favorite sports : badminton
  • Uncle favorite sports : swimming
  • Aunt Tong favorite sports : running

b)My mother said it can make her happy.

My uncle said swimming is relaxing. He loves water

c) Mother :in 2002

uncle: in 1998

aunt: in 2008

8 traditional behaviors
8 traditional behaviors
  • in Spring Festival, we will eating together

watching TV

Grandparents will give kids lucky money

  • Eat together watching TV
  • if everyone eat together, we can’t eat until everyone take their seats. If we are eating, we mustn’t speaking with food.
  • we should visit our grandparents once a week
9 about their birthday
9 about their birthday
  • mother:
  • any of the twelve animals
  • how do they spend the day
  • what gift do they like
10 they good at
10 they good at
  • For example, my aunt good at cooking
  • My sister good at running

My mother good at cooking my sister likes running my brother good at English

b)Because aunt haves to cooking everyday

my sister always play outside with her friends.

c)Practicing everyday.