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Turning Customers into Crusaders! PowerPoint Presentation
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Turning Customers into Crusaders!

Turning Customers into Crusaders!

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Turning Customers into Crusaders!

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  1. Turning Customers into Crusaders! For the National Center for Assisted Living October 7, 2007 Anthony Cirillo, FACHE, ABC

  2. WOM

  3. Harvard and McKinsey says…… 2/3 economy influenced by word-of-mouth one word-of-mouth = 600 advertising exposures 71% prefer friend recommendation over advertising

  4. Customer Crusaders(think Apple, Harley, Saturn) • Buy your products and services • Passionately recommend you • Offer unsolicited feedback • Come to your defense If they’re not a loyalist they could be a antagonist.

  5. Word of Mouth “In many cases, WOM isn't actually "marketing" at all. It's great customer service that earns customer respect.” Andy Sernovitz CEO, Word of Mouth Marketing Association

  6. = $3 - $5 a cup = 2 cents a cup = 20 cents a cup = $1cup The Experience Economy – B. Joseph Pine II, James Gilmore

  7. Fred Lee – “If Disney Ran Your Hospital”ACHE Book of the Year “Patients judge their experience by the way they are treated as a person not by the way they are treated for their disease.” “Patients reserve their good word of mouth and loyalty for hospitals where they feel their needs were anticipated and met by a courteous caring staff.” Deliver on the brand promise!

  8. Data Collection Auditing the Experience Monitoring the Environment Delivering a Great Experience Starts With…

  9. Data Collection

  10. Data Collection • Open ended • In-depth interviews • Ethnographic • Rigorous Ask questions that gauge influence level: • Do you often recommend products to friends? • Are you seen as an expert in some areas of knowledge by your friends? • Mayo

  11. Crusader Characteristics • Attends public meeting on town or school affairs • Writes or calls a politician • Serves on a local committee • Officer of a club or service organization • Attends rally, speech, protest • Writes letter to the editor • Makes speeches • Works for a political party • Runs for office

  12. Finding the Crusader Create a database of crusaders with detailed profiles – who has a blog, a website, runs a discussion group, etc.

  13. MOT

  14. Experience Audit

  15. CRM vs. CEM (Customer Experience Management) The development of high-level strategy that can drive a coordinated, cohesive organizational approach to managing customers.

  16. Chief Experience Officer • Strategic Customer Management across enterprise • Map the experience across the organization • Contact points and moments of truth

  17. Evaluation Admission Inquiry Tour Calling on the phone. Going to the web. Showing up unannounced. Referral source calls. Scheduling Greeting Tour touch points Questions Meet ED Follow Up Nurse assessment Orientation Interest and activities Room selection Move in Visit CMS & state sites. Google facility. Ask for references. Talk to referral sources. Talk to caregiver groups, families, employees.

  18. Inquiry Inquiry Calling on the phone. Going to the web. Showing up unannounced. Referral source calls. Go to church with someone who works there. A friend had rehab there and was discharged. After interview, they may add

  19. Toward Solutions Caregiver Expectation Actual Experience Touch point I called and wanted immediate appointment. I arrive on time and we get started. Direct dial number always answered with immediate appointment. Appointment clearly scheduled and assigned to someone. They didn’t know where to refer me. I was left waiting 30 minutes.

  20. Customer Delight Activity Actual Experience Schedule a tour. Taking the tour. I know where to call and with whom I should speak. I know where to go, what time, what I will see, how long it will take and who will tour me.

  21. Experience Audit • Which touch points are highly valued? • What are the customer’s views of the effectiveness of highly valued touch points? • What are their needs at each stage? • How customers classify themselves – dissatisfied, satisfied, loyal, advocate.

  22. Monitor the Environment CMS and State Data Google / Google Alerts RSS Feeds

  23. Engagement

  24. Engagement Are influencers participating in Family Council? Consider internal and external advisory groups. Access to information. Sneak previews. Participate in the development of a new service. Introduce resident families with similar interests / concerns. Use to attract others.

  25. Give Something Away

  26. Shouldice Hospital - Canada • Create communities • Hospital stays of 3-4 days • No private rooms • Phones, TVs, dining in communal areas • Give something away • Free checkups all former patients every year • Mobile clinics • Continuous feedback • Contact 130,000 people every year • Stimulate interaction • Reunion Dinner

  27. Dinner, entertainment, camaraderie, and an examination of their hernia repair!

  28. Shouldice Hospital - Canada • 49% new patients referrals from former patients • 34% from healthcare professionals • 13% acquaintances • 4% from traditional “marketing”

  29. Create Community

  30. Cause Marketing

  31. Brand Extensions Develop services and products that your brand. EXTEND

  32. “If I buy a digital camera or a car, I’m not going to buy another one probably for years. But just because I’m not in the purchasing market that doesn’t mean my customer experience is at rest. The customer experience is always adding up to the next purchase.” Russ Bartlett CEO,


  34. Staff Empowerment Causes Customer Delight

  35. Cost More? “If your mission has a human purpose, profit will take care of itself if you operate wisely.” Earl Bakken, Medtronic

  36. Make Your Case • An army of no cost marketers at your disposal if you just take the time to find them and cultivate them • Source of marketing material • Uncover new ideas for products and services • May solve problems you did not know you had • Can generate or save $ • Lifetime value • Emotional attachment • One caveat – mass media still has its place

  37. From Fear to Understanding

  38. The Ultimate Question Would you recommend us to others?

  39. Questions Anthony Cirillo1-704-992-6005