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SBO . Service Brampton Online

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SBO . Service Brampton Online. a Brampton and Microsoft Cloud Case Study. ALBER HANNA Manager, IT Architecture & Planning City of Brampton, IT Division 416.874.3636 a Cloud Power.

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SBO . Service Brampton Online

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sbo service brampton online

SBO . Service Brampton Online

a Brampton and Microsoft Cloud Case Study


Manager, IT Architecture & Planning

City of Brampton, IT Division


Cloud Power


“As pressure continue to exist to simultaneously cut costs, rationalize investments, improve productivity, and boost innovation and IT capability, Cloud computing is becoming an attractive alternative”

Gary Mutuszak, Global Chair, KPMG International,

Information, Communication & Entertainment Practice.

cloud for us question 1


    • Reduce Costs Lower total cost of ownership
    • Reduce IT hardware, software, and/or services costs
    • Reduce data center facility costs
    • Improve Agility and Reliability
    • Enable faster time to market
    • Improve availability and scalability
    • Improve disaster recovery and data backup

CLOUD FOR USQuestion 1 ?

cloud for us question 2


    • Productivity Tools
    • Team collaboration & UC
    • On demand Self-Service channel that is scalable and agile
    • Integrated Service delivery platform
    • Enhanced customer service channel
    • Application Development & Hosting
    • IT Management & Storage
    • Virtualization
CLOUD FOR USQuestion 2 ?

cloud for us question 3
CLOUD FOR US?Question 3 ?
    • Physical control
    • Data sovereignty
    • Day-to-day management
    • Financial – support for existing investments and migration / integration costs
    • Data integrity
    • Data privacy
    • Data access
    • Regulatory compliance

sbo federated authentication
SBO Federated Authentication

CLOUD CASE STUDY # 1 (Partner: ADX Studio)

  • Challenge:
  • Administration overhead to manage Citizen accounts and personalization
  • Potential Integration issue to provide end-to-end service
  • Success:
  • Citizen can register and access personalized municipal services using OPEN ID (such as Hotmail, Live, Yahoo, Google) or register their own domain to our Cloud Directory
  • Brampton Domain is Registered to allow pass-through service collaboration
  • This is a first step toward integrated service delivery via Cloud in the most secure and efficient way
  • Service Offering:
  • Property Tax information
  • Complaints and enforcement
  • Lost & Found
  • Property Tax account management for financial institutions
  • Subscriptions including payments
sbo brampton day mobile app
SBO Brampton Day Mobile App

CLOUD CASE STUDY # 2 (Partner: RedBite Development)

  • Challenge:
  • Need to analyze the level of engagement and participation of citizens in Brampton Day
  • Conventional way depending on coordinator feedback and aerial pictures were inaccurate and takes a long time to prepare
  • Drill down analysis based on Ward and boundaries were insufficient
  • In 2 month, Mobile application was developed and deployed on the Cloud
  • Real-Time data and information collected
  • Automated analysis with more attributes to foster better decision making and planning
  • Minimal cost compared to conventional process

City of Brampton has a very large population and young demographics, hence the need to reach out to Bramptonians via the media they use day-to-day , and most convenient for them anywhere, anytime… Mobile Apps on the Cloud was the answer.

sbo next steps
SBONext Steps

Cloud For Brampton


Complete and endorse the Privacy Impact Assessment

Expand more e-Services via Service Brampton Online to the Cloud


Launch Office 365

Launch Exchange online


Implement Cloud XRM

Implement Cloud SharePoint

Phase 4:

Explore Data Centre on the Cloud

Migrate Development platform to the Cloud

thank you




sbo business case

CIOs and CFOs can better forecast and manage operating cash outflows, resulting in significant cost avoidance and better sustainability in despite of the increased demand of the use of information technology.

“The Future of IT will be closely tied to Cloud services”


Chief Technology Officer, HP

KPMG Cloud Summit, 2010

SBO Business Case

1. Cost Avoidance

Business users of Cloud computing services move from capital based expenditure for IT services to a lean operating-base model with an on- demand capacity acquisition. There is no need to over provision or procure hardware and related infrastructure in anticipation of growth. Today, 40% of most enterprises’ private data centre’srack space are not being utilized.

sbo business case1
SBO Business Case

2. Scalability, Elasticity and improved Flexibility and Agility

  • Cloud computing facilitates an improved IT service delivery chain:
      • “Just-in time” means more now to IT professionals than before! Users computing and solutions needs can now be delivered in matter of minutes instead of days.
  • Cloud computing drives a culture of IT solutions’ readiness and agility:
  • New types of services, software, or technologies can be deployed easily in Cloud environment as the base infrastructure is already in place prior to the need being identified by the business.
sbo business case2
SBO Business Case

5. IT professionals to focus on Value added Services

Cloud provides self-life-cycle management by design.

IT professionals do not have to worry about repair and replacement, patching, upgrades and security as it’s now being looked after by the Cloud provider.

Freeing up these resources allows IT to focus on other value added services to their business partners.

4. Mobility

The functionality and suite of solutions provided by the Cloud is available to any person connected to the internet.

Many Cloud applications are ready to be utilized by public and staff on many device platforms and Operating Systems.

“Place and time are fused in Cloud computing” said Mary Lou Maher, CFO/CAO KPMG.

sbo key business risks
SBOKey Business Risks

1. Privacy and Security

“It’s about jurisdiction – you want to access data from everywhere, but should keep your own data on shore, especially when dealing with the USA Patriot Act”


Corporate Chief Strategies Government of Ontario

  • IT leaders when considering outsourcing or alternative delivery models where there is a perceived loss of control. Subscribers to Cloud services are no different.
  • There is fear of local laws (such as USA patriot Act) that may afford government/agencies the right to access proprietary business date.
  • On the other hand, some IT professionals fear the loss of control and management of the day-to-day operations of their infrastructure.
sbo key business risks1
SBOKey Business Risks

2. Vendor Lock-in

  • Cloud based Services are locked into the Service Providers’ Platform, technology and management practices.
  • It’s extremely difficult to migrate data and applications from a cloud based service to another
  • Cloud service subscribers should develop Service Level Agreement (SLA) with the provider and agree on happy & unhappy relationship including rights to audit.

What are your options if it becomes necessary to switch vendors or repatriate applications? Effective outsourcing relationship needs to be guided by good governance.”

YVON AUDETTE, Financial Post