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OLASS Roadshow East Midlands’ Regional Presentation

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OLASS Roadshow East Midlands’ Regional Presentation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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OLASS Roadshow East Midlands’ Regional Presentation. Jane Peacock Skills Development Director East Midlands LSC. The Adult Custodial Estate.

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olass roadshow east midlands regional presentation

OLASS RoadshowEast Midlands’ Regional Presentation

Jane Peacock

Skills Development Director

East Midlands LSC

the adult custodial estate
The Adult Custodial Estate
  • By comparison to the domestic population, the East Midlands is responsible for managing a disproportionate number of offenders owing to prison capacity. The region has 17 prisons, 15 public sector operated by HM Prison Service and two contracted prisons operated by SERCO and GSL. Between them there is operational capacity for 10,137 offenders and up to 11,532 when the offender population can exceed normal prison capacity. This is the second highest number of prisons of the English regions and in 2007 the region contributed the greatest number of new places as part of the current prison capacity programme.
  • Nearly two thirds (58%) of prisoners held in the East Midlands’ establishments originate from the region; with the West Midlands, Yorkshire and Humberside and the East of England accounting for the next highest proportions. In 2006-07 there were approximately 1,232 foreign national prisoners in the East Midlands.

East Midlands’ Public Sector Prison Establishments(March 2006-September 2007)Criminogenic needs relating to Education Training or Employment (ETE)

  • Criminogenic need refers to those areas of need which offenders have that are directly linked to their offending. If criminogenic needs are addressed there is likely to be a reduction in the risk of reoffending in the future.
the young people s 15 17 custodial estate
The Young People’s (15-17) custodial estate
  • Foston Hall has a 16 place unit for female prisoners under the age of 18.
Units of procurement are designed to meet the specific offender learning needs of different regions. However, the units have been developed based on the following guiding principles:
  • The units take account of patterns of offender movement so that the provider is best placed to anticipate and respond to such movement in curriculum planning.
  • The units include both establishments that currently appear to be under-funded and ones that seem over funded so that the provider has incentives to act with the LSC to rebalance provision over time. This approach also helps assure provider stability at a time of planned change.
  • The units are sufficiently large to allow a “swings and roundabouts” principle to operate at a time of change; and to make the provision a significant and valued investment for the provider.
  • The units take note, wherever relevant, of criminal justice area, local authority and regional boundaries.
potential synergies in procurement units
Potential synergies in procurement units
  • Unit 1
  • 2 local prisons
  • 2 female prisons
  • 2 category C prisons
  • 2 category D prisons
  • Unit 2
  • 4 category C prisons
  • 2 young offender prisons
planning the curriculum mix adults
Planning the Curriculum Mix: Adults
  • The link between OLASS provision for offenders in custody and the drive to contribute to a reduction in re-offending through employment and skills must be prominent in all activity undertaken within the core curriculum.
  • The LSC proposes that in each establishment, 80% of the contract value will support a learning and skills offer in the following broad core curriculum areas
  • Employability skills
  • Functional Skills (literacy, numeracy and ICT) ESOL
  • QCA accredited vocational qualifications (approved for inclusion on the National Qualifications Framework - NQF and increasingly, the Qualifications and Credit Framework - QCF)
  • The remaining 20% of the offer, considered as developmental learning, will cover other elements of activity described within a mainstream setting as developmental learning or learning for personal development. These are more indirectly related to the employment and skills agenda, for example the (non vocational) arts curriculum, learning for personal interest etc.
planning the curriculum mix adults14
Planning the curriculum mix: Adults
  • However, the LSC is clear that all of the learning funded through the OLASS budget should be purposeful and, wherever appropriate, should also be used to enable wider progression by learners, and not simply to occupy their time. Learner outcomes should be recorded for all LSC funded activity.
  • Access to advice and guidance services will be available to all adults in custody but, although part of the core offer, this activity is subject to a different tender.
east midlands esf funding equal
East Midlands ESF funding- EQUAL
  • The trial of ESF EQUAL funded employer lead training ran from April 07 to December 07. Innovative vocational programmes were delivered across a number of East Midlands prisons in partnership with the Prison Service, OLASS providers and employers. The project tested out a number of demand-led vocational training programmes with direct links to employers who had identified related employment opportunities.
  • The training provision included Permanent Way Renewals (Trackworks) Level 2; City and Guilds 6156 Streetworks Excavation and Re-instatement; logistics (LGV Level 1); warehousing (Counter Balance Forklift Truck Level 2) and catering (Food Preparation level 1). Employers participated by inputting into the course design and content as well as meeting with course participants with a view to considering employment offers on completion of training and release from custody.
east midlands esf funding equal16
East Midlands ESF funding - EQUAL
  • The training was delivered in a number of East Midlands’ prisons including HMPs Ashwell, Glen Parva, Lincoln, Morton Hall, Onley, Ranby and Sudbury. Some offenders were Released on Temporary License (ROTL) to attend training providers’ external centres in line with awarding bodies’ requirements.
east midlands esf funding equal17
East Midlands ESF funding- EQUAL
  • A successful employer engagement even was held in January 2008 which was supported by Government Ministers and was attended by a significant number of employers and support agencies. The event focussed on making the case for employing offenders and employers expressing an interest in employing offenders are being followed up.
esf 2008 2010 adult
ESF 2008-2010: Adult
  • Between 2008 -2010 the East Midlands will contract £5.9m of ESF funds for adult offender learning and skills.
  • Approximately 20% allocated offenders in custody.
  • Mirrors the LSC’s priorities for offenders
  • IAG
  • Family Learning
  • Enhancing Employability Skills
  • Vocational Skills Development
  • Engaging, Developing and Supporting Employers
  • Developing Models and Support for Self Employment
esf 2008 2010 young people
ESF 2008-2010: Young People
  • Between 2008 - 2010 the East Midlands will contract £446,000 of ESF funds for young peoples’ offender learning and skills.
  • This will cover both custody and community.
  • Development workers will assist Youth Offending Teams in placing and supporting young people in education, training and employment.
ict refresh
ICT Refresh
  • Over the last year approximately £1m has been invested in updating ICT equipment in East Midlands’ public sector prisons by the LSC.