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Job Hunting On The Net

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Job Hunting On The Net. By: Jason English Job Hunting On The Net.

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Job Hunting On The Net

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job hunting on the net

Job Hunting On The Net

By: Jason English

job hunting on the net1
Job Hunting On The Net
  • Some of that information is, of course, devoted to job hunting – and it is increasing along with all the rest. In 1995, there were just 500 job sites online; in 1998, an estimated 100,000 sites had some job listings or job information on them. 1
  • Job hunters' use of the Web is also increasing. One measure of this: In 1994 there were 10,000 resumes posted online; in 1998, there were 1,200,000. I would guess that means that about 2,000,000 job hunters are online during a typical month.

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facts about online job hunting
Facts About Online Job Hunting
  • Post your resume online and begin searching
  • Apply only to the most recent job postings
  • Focus your search on the big-board jobs
  • You can send your resume as an attachment


facts about online job hunting1
Facts About Online Job Hunting
  • Your privacy is guarantee when leaving your resume on job-search sites
  • You can apply to several positions posted by one employer
  • Resumes should be one page in length and generic
best websites for job hunting
Best Websites For Job Hunting

how the internet benefits job seekers
How the Internet benefits job seekers
  • Access to information about specific organizations and employment sectors
  • Address and contact information for thousands of organizations
  • Listserves and other mailing lists that provide networking opportunities
  • Resume listing and job bank services


how the internet benefits job seekers1
How the Internet benefits job seekers
  • Resume writing advice and tips
  • Employment data and hiring trends
  • Fast, low cost and direct contact with prospective employers
job databases general databases
Job Databases: General Databases
  • Career Span
  • Career Web
  • Computer Work
  • Job Bank USA
  • Job Island
  • Jobs Online USA
  • Job Zone Agency UK

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job databases specific databases
Job Databases: Specific Databases
  • Biotechnology Career Information
  • GeoWeb Interactive
  • Education World
  • Linux Today
  • Tech Careers
  • Whole Root – IT

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do s and don ts of job seeking on the internet
Do use your full name when signing correspondence

Do check you e-mail several a day

Do avoid slang expressions

Do be humble

Do strike the right balance

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Don’t address the employer by his or her first name

Don’t make demands

Don’t keep employers waiting

Don’t be a pest

Don’t use smileys

Do’s and don’ts of job seeking on the Internet
when job hunting always remember
When job hunting always remember…
  • Not to put you job hunting eggs in the internet basket
  • Internet job searching should comprise of only a quarter of your time when it comes to looking for jobs (Margaret Riley, Riley Guide to Job Hunting on the Internet)
  • http://www.careerjournal/com/jobhunting/usingnet/20020417-needleman.html